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December 14, 2006

Term 1

It’s over but it’s been a good one.

I’ve had such a great time and made loads of friends. I’ve also had many embarrassing moments. This is my short analysis of term 1.

Best thing I’ve done
This is a difficult one. I would probably say getting really involved in Union democracy but there are loads of things I have done that I am so glad I did.

Worst thing I’ve done
That has to be something to do with being ill. I’m going to say that it was giving freshers flu to everyone in week 2.

Most embarrassing thing I’ve done
One of 3 things here. It has to be either when I managed to fall up a ramp in the Union at the freshers’ fair in week 1, when I was at a conference and ended a speech with “I’m really bad at making speeches so I’m going to shut up now”, or when I fell over on the Piazza drunk after Top B (having only recently sung “Things can only get better” – as in the 1997 New Labour election anthem – at the top of my voice even though I’m a Conservative!).

Favourite/least favourite lecture
I started with such hopes but lost the passion after a few weeks so don’t really have a favourite lecture but analysis wins hands down when it comes to my least favourite lecture.

Societies I’m most involved in
Theres a few of these. Conservatives and craft soc are ones I’m most involved in but I will also add debating, international current affairs, Christian focus and speak. Oh, and Union council if I can count that here.

Furthest I’ve been from campus
That would be London for the anti-top-up fees demo in week 4.

Longest amount of time away from campus
I spent all of week 9 away from campus.

Weirdest thing I’ve asked someone
Probably the one about could we have some sort of majority voting system in Union referenda.

Weirdest thing I’ve been asked
Probably when someone asked me if I was lost and looking for the science department.

So that is how I found term 1. I know that there will be much more happening in term 2.

December 05, 2006

Whatever happened?

I’ve been away for a while and return to campus to find out that last week’s referenda were inquorate. Where was everyone? I was a little concerned that I could not find out the results of the referenda on the Union website yesterday but thought that it was because of my lack of computer literacy. I then looked through The Boar this morning and on page 5 saw the headline “No result in disappointing referenda turnout”. All 5 motions were inquorate and will now be debated by council.

I am a little disappointed that this has happened. I remember debating the importance (from my point of view) of Union democracy in a previous entry on this blog.

I know I don’t really have the right to rant as I have been away from my computer (though due to completely unavoidable circumatances) since the end of week 8 and therefore was unable to vote. I would, however, have made sure that I did vote had I not been ill. I gave my dad my login details and asked him to vote on my behalf when I realised I would not be back on time but that happened to be the night the site was down.

It is not my place to speculate on why so few people bothered to vote as I simply do not know. There could be lots of reasons. I can just imagine that it is very frustrating for those who did.

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