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November 14, 2006

Top tips

I’ve now been at uni for more than 6 weeks and have come up with a list of ten things to do and ten things not to do if you want a really good time (and have similar interests to me). I have done all twenty things that I included in the list and I must admit I don’t regret the vast majority of these, though I look back and think “why on earth did I do that?” with most of the things to avoid – hence putting them in that list, I guess.

Ten things to do
  1. Join as many societies as you have time for. I joined 11.
  2. Become really passionate about something. I’ve been opinionated for a while but now I have discovered that I have a passion for politics.
  3. Become an active member of a few of your societies. I’m on the exec in Craft society and I can often be found out in the cold on Saturday mornings with the Conservatives.
  4. Go to a democratic meeting – either just for fun or as an elected representative. I have not missed one democratic meeting since I arrived, though that is most likely down to my responsibilities as a Union councillor.
  5. Go on a protest. I went on the fees demo in week 4.
  6. Keep your options open for the future. I really don’t have a clue what I am wanting to do in the future now as I’m nowhere near as passionate as I was about my course and I can’t make a career out of my passion so I have no choice but to keep my options open.
  7. Make your voice heard. I went on the fees protest and I am also really involved in Union democracy.
  8. Get involved in a cause. The fees protest again.
  9. Discover the local area. I’ve been around quite a bit since week 4.
  10. Find an interest you didn’t know you had. Joining loads of societies has helped me find loads of interests I never knew I had.
Ten things to avoid
  1. Missing too many lectures that you do not understand the course. Though I did only miss lectures when I had a legitimate reason (such as going to a conference and making a fool of myself by running round the campus all lunchtime trying to find anyone random who would sign my nomination form).
  2. Getting lost. This I mainly did in week 1 but I still do not know how to get to my maths supervision so am always late.
  3. Giving your diseases to everyone else. I was lied to and therefore thought it would be in my best interests to give everyone freshers’ flu in week 2.
  4. Double booking yourself and then leaving the decision as to what event to go to out of your hands. I did this in week 3 and it was a complete disaster as I was more concerned for most of the week where I would be going on the Saturday than I was about my course.
  5. Being really impatient. I don’t know how many emails I’ve sent along the lines of “when is such and such happening” or “what happened with such and such” – another issue from week 3.
  6. Analysis!!! To be avoided like the plague – I mean, is there even anyone who can understand analysis?
  7. Sleep deprivation. I really need to spend more time in bed, I’m just most awake late at night.
  8. Getting stressed out by things that, in the great scheme of things, do not really matter. Well it was my fault for double booking myself on Saturday week 3 – note to self: never again!
  9. Missing lunch on the grounds that you did not know how to use the internet. Monday week 3 was definitely another day never to be repeated – I’m so in a mess if I stand for council again next year.
  10. Criticising the pedantry of pedantic meetings. The whole point of composite is to be pedantic about grammar so there was no point in me criticising that fact yesterday.

Any other suggestions for either list would be more than welcome.

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