June 09, 2016

09/05/2016 Day 1: Scoping

Digital workflow and Tools (Peter O' Toole)


Today I learnt about the 'design thinking approach' to new learning technologies, it enabled me to begin considering what I would like to design, and identify how I am already utilising learning technologies in my own life and teaching profession.

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new technologies

We were introduced to an array of new technologies, Moovly (animated presentations), H5P (a website with many tools to faciliatate learning), Screenflow (Jing/Captivate), Weebly (Webpage creator) to name a few.

Storyboard Project Development 'Emma King'

During this session we were aksed to consider an idea we would like develop further and using the JISC Activity planning tool consider the following;

Actvity- Quiz/formative assessment based on 12 week skills module

Learner- 1st year student nurses prior to clinical placement

Learning Environment- interactive presentation/weebly/moovly

Intended Learning outcomes- Identify knowledge retained

step 2 of the project planning process was to develop a story board via the use of postit notes on the wall to address the following areas, this ensured you would consider all of the necesessary components to designing a tool which could be successfully used in education.

  • Constraints
  • Making it easier to understand
  • Learner Activities
  • Technology and skills
  • Teacher Activities

I found these activities extremely helpful and allowed me to understand the process in an easy way.

Practice (facilitator led)

Following what I learnt today I practiced using some of the tools, firstly Moovly my intention was to create an interactive quiz I found this site extremely difficult and felt the instructions were unclear after an hours attempt this is definately not for me!!

Weebly- while this site was easy to use it didn't offer what it was I needed.

H5P- this site is extremely useful and there are a number of tools which I can trial. I have decided that my tool will use either the interative video or the course presentation builder on this site.

Tomorrows Plan

Come prepared with the skills presentations from the 12 week module

Devise questions based on the relevant theory chosen, over the 12 week module

Look at graphics which can be used to make the tool visually appealing

Consider using a variety of questionning techniques

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