September 16, 2004

learning style..

I am not sure exactly how I learn-but I do know that I will probably have to revise the way that I do. Although it has been a long time, I do remember lots of 'active' reading that was active only by the fact that I had a color code going-highliters and colored pens.

I also remember meeting up at '2nd Cup' with the all-nighter group and studying basically by myself but supported by friends in similar stressful situations-stressful because invariably the exam was at 9am the next morning..

I rarely if ever referred to text books but did summarize my notes unto scribbled looseleafs. The danger I found with this is to just copy and not actually learn.

I believe I was quite lucky in my undergrad and somehow it did all come together..but I will have to space myself in this medical course.

September 13, 2004

1st day at warwick..


it is all a little much. i miss neil..typical.anyways, i have to try and get a better room cause for real, my room is tiny, ugly and has no furniture..and then there is a bank account and fix up my loans..

but i do know that the beginning is always the roughest..and being in med is pretty cool..

so..that's it for now.

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