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October 22, 2004


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Rather bizare film. The concepts of Play it by heart and Love actually, but unfortunately without the continuity of either. I heard someone describe it as a jigsaw before it's been put together, and with pieces missing… appropriate.
Despite that, i film i would recomend simply because of the individual performances. Tom Cruise playing possibly the most emotive (and appropriate) character i have seen him in. Some absolutely brilliant scenes (one is 5 minutes of silence – he barely moves. And yet you're gripped… it's completely confusing.)
I wonder if a little of it (here and there) has been ad-libed just because of hesitations in the flow of the dialogue – i think it possible most of Cruise's script has been, for there are parts in which he's obviously biting his tongue in laughter and his dialogue is escalating out of control.
Joulianna Moore plays an equally brilliant part – though she has a tendancy to scream to the point you lose words and meaning, which is unfortunate because you get the gist that what she's saying is actually very important.
There's some unfortunate pieces of film (ie the beginning and end) where they play music so loud that you can't hear or understand the dialogue, which is sooooo annoying. And a REALLY random moment where they all burst into song, which is oddly appropriate…

Anyway… an interesting film… i liked it, though i didn't blame the group of international students i waited for the bus with for not understanding much of it. Confusing.

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