November 10, 2004

WUMC bar traverse

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Twenty-odd climbers, two ropes tied together, harness, crabs and a whole load of alpine butterflies… Yes people, it's a bar traverse. The first this year. Varsity to the Union takes 45 minutes when you involve threading benches and stairs, campusing road signs, crossing roads (you may laugh, but if you're tied to twenty other people, youdon't stop for cars), leaping walls passing the arts centre (shhh!) and trying to be nice to security guards… And then after enough comsumation of alcohol the REAL fun starts. Pool-cue traversing, people traversing, sock wrestling and… Buildering! dun dun dun. But i can't tell you any more, else the people involved will get fined, which is no fun.
Why weren't you there? See you next time.

October 25, 2004

Warwick University Climbing Fresher's Meet

Good ol' fun for all involved i think.
Both days were relatively dry, only forcing us to run for cover late in the day when we were all knackered anyway. Phil and Alexi turned up for the first day's climbing, Katie appeared for the second. Table traversing, Broom traversing, roof running and much alcohol was had all round (well… mostly) And the fresh can count themselves well and truly initiated. Birchen the first day (for leading and soloing on my part, seconding and top roping for the novices), Burbage North the more sunny second day (for top ropes for most and bouldering for me. Lazy day…)
The "Italian Job"-Style Red White & Blue minibi (plural for minibus) did us proud,(only the blue one's brakes died – leaving it trailing smoke of vapourised brake-disks) and bAndy even got the Red one up to 70MPH!!!!

Look to the Big Red Book for more details.
If you didn't come… shame on you!

October 22, 2004

My, Like, Mary–Sue

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Possibly the funniest thing i have read in ages. This rocks. Even if you're not into LOTR or fanfiction, you'll love this.


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Rather bizare film. The concepts of Play it by heart and Love actually, but unfortunately without the continuity of either. I heard someone describe it as a jigsaw before it's been put together, and with pieces missing… appropriate.
Despite that, i film i would recomend simply because of the individual performances. Tom Cruise playing possibly the most emotive (and appropriate) character i have seen him in. Some absolutely brilliant scenes (one is 5 minutes of silence – he barely moves. And yet you're gripped… it's completely confusing.)
I wonder if a little of it (here and there) has been ad-libed just because of hesitations in the flow of the dialogue – i think it possible most of Cruise's script has been, for there are parts in which he's obviously biting his tongue in laughter and his dialogue is escalating out of control.
Joulianna Moore plays an equally brilliant part – though she has a tendancy to scream to the point you lose words and meaning, which is unfortunate because you get the gist that what she's saying is actually very important.
There's some unfortunate pieces of film (ie the beginning and end) where they play music so loud that you can't hear or understand the dialogue, which is sooooo annoying. And a REALLY random moment where they all burst into song, which is oddly appropriate…

Anyway… an interesting film… i liked it, though i didn't blame the group of international students i waited for the bus with for not understanding much of it. Confusing.

October 20, 2004

Oh Bloody Hell

Drewello is insane… but then with 5 9'oclocks a week, i'm feeling a little nuts too. 2 hrs worth of Mech and Stereo In Org. Bleugh… At least it's over now, and i'm going climbing. Have 40-odd helmets to sort out for this weekend. Joy…

October 15, 2004


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I have 'discovered' this author, and am completely taken with her/his? works. I read Last Stand yesterday afternoon and, though i think the ending was spoiled by reviewer interference, ended up crying in B208. Oops….
An Unknown Place this morning, and the author's characterisation is possibly the best i have ever read. It's perfect! Unbelievable.

Go Read!

October 14, 2004

Today's reading

Writing about web page

For Every Evil – Mirrordance
LOTR (of course) – i read little else these days

Just catching up on new chapters, been a while since i read this story. Some graphic elf-abuse going on, always good.

My First Blog Entry

HELLOO!!! Welcome to my Blog. Currently waiting (read 'bored') for Environmental Chem lecture. Reading some LOTR fic or other… not particularly thrilling. GOD i'm bored.

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