September 09, 2013

WUIP 2013: Developing in the Learning and Development centre

The past few weeks seem to have gone by so quickly. I have been really busy both in my internship and in the move from campus to Leamington- with a few meet-ups with friends and the other interns in between. It has also been my birthday within that time, meaning more cake at work, which is always widely appreciated.

Currently, I have numerous projects to look at in the LDC including:

  • Re-doing the website for PCAPP (as well as other websites within the department)
  • A film project on 'How students learn' and editing the videos
  • Researching and compiling a report on feedback (for both staff and students) and how it can be improved

In addition to the above projects, I also made some new logo designs for the teaching and learning side of the LDC, I am Alpha testing a MOOC, familiarising myself with the UKPSF (UK Professional Standards Framework) which the LDC are aligning their courses against and I have had meetings with other staff members on their particular areas and how my work may fit into and help what they are doing.

Having all of these projects made for nice variation within the working day. My line manager also seemed very impressed when my colleague and I showed him how far we progressed with the website- making it much more engaging than previous (As seen below)

Website example

I have also been sending out a survey on feedback; . I am doing research such as competitor analysis of other university provisions for feedback and investigating journal articles, however, I thought it impotant to actually get a student view which I could then put into a report I am compiling. This will also be interesting to see if other students have similar views to me on feedback and if these are in line with the research I have been doing.


Through competitor analysis I have definitely improved my commercial awareness. Of course, universities should not be referred to as businesses and students as consumers (as this does not lead to effective engagement between the two), but from the research I have been doing, I definitely feel I have a better knowledge of the sector, the provisions of lecturers and expectations of universities and students.

I have also developed my IT skills through the use of SiteBuilder and coding in the redesign of some of the LDC webpages. So far these are hidden and not available to use yet but I am hoping to help make them a lot more accessible and engaging to people using the site. Through this, I also hope to develop better communication skills in setting the correct tone for the text available on the website. Additionally, in my correspondences with other staff members I feel I definitely have more experience in professional communication.

This week I will be filming more interviews for the 'How students learn project', so I am definitely looking forward to gaining more of an insight into the technical side of filming as Emily from Comms is helping to advise us with the filming. As this will be on the website, postgraduates will need to watch this as part of the course, so it is important that the videos are both interesting and filmed well to get them to engage with them.

I have really been enjoying my weeks so far as an intern and am excited to see where my efforts in my work are leading.



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