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June 15, 2009

Surviving the recession related stress !!!

Many people are expecting 2009 to bring great changes on the devastating global economy. Halfway through the year, very little changes have occurred. Businesses are still shutting down, banks and other financial institutions are still filing for bankruptcy, corporate buyouts are still adamant. People wonder if the question is still “will the world go on a state of paralysis” or simply, when.

With today’s tumultuous global economy, it would be safe to assume that every industry, especially the cosmetic surgery industry, is experiencing a downward trend. According to last year’s reports, there has been a dramatic decline in the plastic surgery industry as people tend to hold on to their finances for the more practical and important needs. However, the decline in the cosmetic surgery industry was not as steep and prolonged as one might have expected it to be. Many people find this behavior anomalous and are looking for explanations for the trend.

Some studies offer reasons why the cosmetic surgery industry survives amidst the global economic turmoil. Needless to say, the continuous economic instability worldwide has caused a lot of people to suffer from severe stress. Aside from extreme exposure to sunlight, excessive smoking, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet and so on, stress can greatly contribute to the body’s exhaustion and the skin’s premature aging. It is for this reason that a great number of people check themselves in for different cosmetic surgical procedures that are designed to reduce, if not eliminate, the signs of stress in their body and face.

In New York City alone, there is a huge percentage of the female population that sign in for procedures such as Botox procedures, dermal fillers, skin tightening, laser resurfacing and various breast surgeries like breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction and so on. Breast augmentation in New York is still on the rise. A single New York breast clinic performs hundreds of procedures to women from all over the world.

Breast surgeries have become an incredibly popular trend among women regardless of their social status. These procedures are no longer just confined in the upper class. It is no question that the cost of each breast cosmetic procedure does not come in a measly price tag. In addition, because of the nature of their purpose, most of them are not covered by health insurance policies. Quite surprisingly, people are very much willing to pay for their procedures right from their own pockets.

On the surface, investing on cosmetic surgical procedures might look as an impractical and superficial impulse during these trying times. But it is but human nature to look out for anything that would make them feel better especially when things seem to go down. This is the reason why the aesthetic industry continues to thrive during a recession.

By Ademola Babalola

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