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October 27, 2004

Extreme film festival – formerly known as Film Festival in a Day

Good news..

The Warwick Extreme Film Festival (see previous blog) is ON.

The best thing for me has been the response of people in the University to the idea of it: almost everybody is really up for it – eyes light up, ideas start pouring out and we're off….

In some ways University life has become quite hard for lots of people – with pressure of work, time, money, space and so on; yet even the tired out and over-worked seem to like the idea of getting involved in something creative, challenging, interesting (and FUN!). Conclusion: Warwick does attract, nuture and encourage new ideas and the people who have them.

Now down to earth…
If this is going to work well – and offer a genuine showcase for the talented and nearly famous writers, video makers, actors, directors who work and study here – then we need to find talented organisers too, people with marketing, publicity and PR skills and at least one person who can manage a spread sheet and keep accounts.

I can do a bit of all these things – but I think this project needs and deserves better than my 'cottage industry' approach. Talented organisers out there – we need you!

I'll have a role anyway, as Warwick Skills Programmes will be involved in setting up, and accrediting, some training workshops in video making, script writing and (coarse?) acting for the nearly-talented who want to take part.

I'll return to this blog topic as the project develops and I lose some of the childish glee that I can be part of something so exciting and I have to get down to the realities of making it happen… Watch this space.

October 06, 2004

the lapsed blogger….

Since the last blog entry (surely not six weeks ago?) I have seem to have lost the newly acquired habit of blogging….

On the assumption that I'm not the only person who starts off as a blogger, becomes enthusiastic about the possibilities, gets positive andi interesting feedback and yet still stops blogging. What is going on here?

I think it might be about establishing a habit – after all, everyday I check my emails before getting stuck into the day's work; most members of staff (and students?) do so too. This would not have been part of my routine 10 years ago, which was to start the day with a coffee and conversation with others in the team (probaly a more productive use of time actually).

So this is what I'll do from now on – I'll make my blogg a default home page and check it out and add to it after lunch everyday – watch this space….

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