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August 10, 2004

more about life and walking

I spent part of last weekend – Sunday in fact – walking in North Norfolk with a group of friends. This particular mini-trek included open fields, little roads, bits of woodland and finally, as a reward for keeping going though all of the above in 25Cdegrees, a long shoreline walk from Eccles Beach to Sea Palling. This bit of coast has few visitors and a dozen or so people dotted around is the nearest it ever gets to crowded.
For me – flopped down on the beach in the hazy sun, boots off, some breeze, warmish sea and cheery company, this the nearest I get to blissed out!

Oddly, none of us who were there would have dreamed of spending a Sunday like this when were younger. And most people who walk around the countryside are mature (middle-aged to be truthful).

Is low key walking – like unskilled-gardening – something we grow into? I'm not talking about competitive, committed and knowledgeable walkers/gardeners here (I guess they can start at any age) but those who drift into this mild engagement with the countryside and the little plots of land they have responsibility for.

I had planned to spend my mature years in dingy bars, dressed in black and accessorised with red wine and black cigarettes, being wise and (a difficult combination this) loveably eccentric. Instead I read the Millets catalogue and occasionally prod my patch of earth – perfectly content.
Young persons – take note and be very afraid!

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