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August 02, 2004

stuffy stuff

I realise I'm starting to use my blog to lecture readers about PDP; actually, this information really belongs on our not-yet-completed website section on PDP (staff section). Still, I'd like to know if my stuff on PDP would make sense to the uninitiated.. and how the whole thing can be made more immediate and relevant.

any suggestions?

QAA – summary of current thinking on PDP

Introduction to national requirements for PDP in HE
The following notes are intended to bring you up to speed with current (QAA) thinking about PDP. They are a practical summary of the recent thoughts, recommendations (and requirements) on the introduction of PDP into the HE curriculum. Taken from: QAA Report:
Developing a progress file for HE: Summary report of the consultation exercise , Sections 27 – 38 Personal Development Planning

Why PDP?
To help students to become more effective and independent learners

Agreed general definition
'(PDP is) a structured process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal educational and career development’.

It is intended to help students:

  • become more effective ,independent and confident self-directed learners
  • understand how they are learning and relate their learning to a wider context
  • improve their general skills for study and careers management
  • articulate their personal goals and evaluate progress towards their achievement
  • encourage lifelong learning

PDP activity should, therefore be:

  • a structured process that is integral to higher level learning
  • concerned with learning in a holistic sense (both academic and non-academic)
  • something that an individual does with guidance and support initially
  • a process that involves self-reflection , the creation of personal records, planning and monitoring progress towards the achievement of personal objectives
  • intended to improve capacity of individuals to communicate their learning to others who are interested in it (e.g. academic staff and employers)

Minimum expectation for Institutional PDP

  • Institutional promotional materials should indicate how the skills and attitudes which underlie PDP are promoted
  • At the start of an HE programme students will be introduced to the opportunities for PDP within the programme
  • Students will be provided with opportunities for PDP at each stage of their programme
  • The rationale for PDP will be explained for the benefit of students (e.g. in student or course handbooks or module guides

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