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I am just going to write because I cannot help it either.

I am a keen scuba diver and am, at present, chair of the Leamington and Warwick branch of the British Sub Aqua Club. I have been diving for twenty four years and have been an instructor for seventeen of those years.

Diving has taken me around the world three times and I have dived in many countries. My latest trip last Christmas took me to Easter Island, Tahiti, the Cook Islands and New Zealand.

I find that diving cuts through all barriers in all countries, age, race and language and it is a great leveller. Enthusiasts are literally, all in the same boat, and it attracts a sense of community, sharing and helping, which is fast disappearing in today’s modern world. The diving club has the same feeling with members working together as a team to make things work.

I also enjoy reading, writing and teaching creative writing as part of my role here at Warwick. My class teaches me that we never stop learning and that it’s fun to do it in groups of like-minded people.

Kay Rainsley

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