Answers to: Personal Tutor (PDP) Prompt form the History Department

Asker: Penny Roberts (History)
Publish Date: 02 December 2004 15:06
Expiry Date: 01 February 2005 15:06

Dear Student

This blog prompt has been sent to you by the History Department as part of the personal tutoring system. If you are a first year student in the History Department, we would like you to respond to it in your blog. Please answer this prompt in the PDP (Personal Development Planning) category of your blog, as it will contribute to your next personal tutor interview. You can then use your answer for the following:

  1. as a basis for your discussions with your personal tutor;
  2. in thinking about your progress so far;
  3. in planning your work and priorities.

If you want to restrict access to your response so that only your tutor may view it, there is a guide that will help you with this at the following link:

These are the questions that we would like you to consider in your response (you can just tackle those questions that are of most relevance to you or simply use them as a basis for reflection):

  1. How well do you feel you have managed the transition from school to
  2. How effective is your note-taking in lectures, in seminars, from books?
  3. Are you making best use of the resources available to you (e.g. the Library, the internet, the Learning Grid)?
  4. Are you adequately prepared for seminars?
  5. Assess your contribution to and participation in seminars.
  6. In what ways could you improve your time-management skills?
  7. Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a learner.
  8. What would make you a more effective student?
  9. How do you propose to improve your learning skills during the course of this academic year?
  10. What do you hope to get out of your time at university?

December 03, 2004

PDP Prompt

Response to prompt "Personal Tutor (PDP) Prompt form the History Department" (View all responses or all Kayleigh's blog responses)

I have found the transition from college to university quite hard, not only in terms of work but in lifestyle too! Its also weird as I come from a small village and, well, the campus is like a little town!! I have struggled a great deal since coming here!
I feel that I am making use of all the resources available to me, especially the library, now that I'm not getting lost in it!! I also feel that I am well prepared from the seminars but I do not always get the chance to say what I have learnt or my opinion. Therefore, to improve next year I feel I need to be more prepared to particpate even more than I do and be more confident about it.
My time management skills are on the whole improving, as is my confidence, and I feel I am doing well in terms of getting reading and note-taking. However, I am having difficulties with the language and I was a bit dissappointed with my essay marks. I hope to improve these areas too.

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