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May 17, 2005

after shakespeare

Well, it is nine hours after laying my hands on the infamous 'shakespeare and selected dramatists' paper and I have not the will to weep. Will is no longer a quality I can employ. Exams drain all the sweetness out of life and then regurgitate melancholy. I'm a bitter, bitter person.

And so is Kat. But I'm sorry to say she's not here right now. Had a rough day; she had to sit the exam all on her own LOCKED away in the far reaches of the philosophy aviary within the Castle of Social Stuidies – opposite the Dungeon (aka Economics). Greg Hunt locked her in there for three hours with only the whirring of conputers and jacobean drama for company. Bizarre combination of worlds, that.

Then again, so is the combination of RUDDY EXAMS and the materials they purportedly examine! What a load of dingo's kidneys (did they include that expression in the new Hitchhiker's Guide? I need to see this new adaptation…).

But who knows, perhaps one day a genius professor will wake up and realise the glorious possibilities for a greater emphasis on continuous assessment. Then again, that would entail a degree of actual rationality and a desire to extricate our higher education system from the archaicisms of 'do-or-die' exmaination slavery!!! It's highly unlikely to ever occur.... I should know: I myself have very little to do with rationality – BUT AT LEAST I CAN ADMIT IT!

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