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May 05, 2005


…are on campus! and i'm not talking abouit the finance office. I've been grump all week since I had to go to health centre and they decided to spring a suprise blood test on me. :( Ordinarily I like at least 24 hours notice before (qualified) persons stick needles into me. It went a wee bit wrong though. pretty.

I did learn something new, however; apparently I have VERY MOVABLE VEINS. Almosty as though they have a 'life of their own'...

THE EXCITING BIT TODAY: VOTING! HURRAH! :D although, I will report that exercising my democratic right today was a very lonely experience. Polling Station definitely not where it's at …. But i'm still gfonna watch Bremner Bird and Fortune tonight. and stay up till 2 (i'm such a GRANNY) with beeb in order to feed my election addiction. SHould be cool…how can you go wrong with wine, pringles and a lower Labour majority?!!

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