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May 01, 2005

IT'S 11.38!

Follow-up to no. 2: (not really trying to make up for lost time….) from The Brain Diseases of Sickly Web-Spinners

…and i went to bed at five. did actaly get some work dome though. hurrah for me. The most exciting thing that's happened in the last week, however, must be that thunderstorm last night. There was a brilliant flash outside the window at four; at first i thought it was the damned paparazzi again, of course ( as you know they hang out in eatlsdon for kicks on a saturday night…) – but then the thunder came, and everything was OK.

If that makes sense. There was one terrible moment of 'power-cut-fear' which lead swiftly to 'immense-fear-that-storm-will-kill-computer-and-thus-screw-essay-and-my-girlish-hopes-of-graduating'.

But evidently Zeus smiled on me that hour.

no. 2: (not really trying to make up for lost time….)

….I know I just posted but….cripes. I just realised it's been six months since i started this useless damned blog. oh god.

what the hell does BLOG mean, anyways?

'Big Lumps Of Gravy'

I'm SO sorry you just read that. go somewhere else. It sucks here. :(


OK…..i really don't have enough conviction to blog. obviously. this is probably a good thing for you.

I always was crap at keeping a diary.

My dissertation is killing me. by the way. I'll be found tomorrow morning crashed out on a snowstorn of german romanticism. How…poetic. Admittedly, not the demise I envision. Not that I envision a demise often or anything. oh balls.

I really need some inspiration here. Yet As it is i'm simply sliding deeper into that paradox of simultaneous panic and indifference!

well….at least I can always make coffee….

….and at least it's not hegel. or kant. yay.

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