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June 30, 2005

Really Individual Wedding Invitations

As we're having a Christmas wedding I was really struggling to find invitations which reflected the festive date (23 December). Sending out customised Christmas cards wasn't really an option – we wanted a Christmas flavour rather than a theme.

Consequently, I decided to have a bash at making them myself. This decision has in itself caused much anxiety… what if they look crap?; do these colours work?; does it matter that my inserts are light cream while the directions are on white?; will anyone notice that the RSVP cards are a slightly different colour to the invites? etc. Resolved that it doesn't matter because each and every invitiation will be unique… although they were nearly rather more individual than planned! After my last session over the weekend at putting together the RSVP cards, everything was left out on my 'workstation' (dining room table), without registering that on Wednesdays Emily is at home being looked after by my Mum – therefore has access!! Fortunately Mum acted quickly on her suspision that Emily had gone ominously quiet, just in time to rescue the invitations from a gold-pen-in-hand-Emily-sitting-at-the-table.

Anyway, upshot is that they are pretty much done now but are taking as long to make RSVP cards, write inserts, fold directions etc as is did to decorate them. At this point for the benefit of those who will receive an invite, the writing on the front of the cards was done by my cousin Stephen's lovely wife Anita. Thanks Anita!

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