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May 15, 2006

Steve's last(?) exam

Follow-up to Steve's year 2 exam results from Katy's blog

After 4 years of hard work, Steve has his last exam (maybe?) for his UG degree tomorrow. Depending on his results, it is possible that he may go on to do an Honours after all, but he wants to see how he feels after this last exam. It's been a tough haul for him. He started in September 2002, which is when we found out I was expecting Emily. His first year exams were scheduled around her due date, and we moved house at the start of his second academic year. He changed jobs shortly afterwards, and while this has been stimulating it's been equally challenging at times. Last but not least, we got married in December – so there has been plenty going on! In between his studies and work commitments he has somehow managed to put the energy into family life to ensure that Emily and I are not too neglected, plus also the inevitable DIY. He does all of the grotty preparation for decorating (wallpaper stripping, removal and replacement of skirting and architrave etc), leaving the best bits for me… before he gets the home run on laminating the floors. He's very nearly finished transforming our charming, established garden into something equally lovely which better meets our needs as a family. This has involved demolishing the shed and singlehandedly moving four skips full of soil. He has also broken up an old concrete garage base with a sledgehammer. The crazy paving path which ran from one end to the other has gone, he has doubled the size of the lawn with new turf, built a deck (from scratch), and is about to lay a gorgeous stone patio (hooray!).

All that said, he's not perfect. He deliberately throws his muddiest shoes on top of either (a) my slippers or (b) any other shoes of mine which are light coloured or delicate fabric. He never unwrinkles his socks before putting them in the wash – IF he puts them in the wash – and he wanders around collecting every bit of fluff and dust on said socks because he WILL not wear his slippers. Little things, but they do incense me.

Anyway, I digress. This post is really about how proud I am of him and his achievements, and I don't think that's premature because he will do well in his exams I know.

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