June 06, 2006

Birthday Girl

Writing about Happy Birthday Emily from [Ux]

We all had a great day yesterday, celebrating Emily's third birthday. However, Steve fails to mention Emily's most memorable observation from our trip to the zoo. We were looking at the chimpanzees when one of them waved its rear end at us. Emily said gleefully 'That's like daddy's bottom!'. Steve was comically outraged, while my Mum, Emily and I were falling about laughing!

May 15, 2006

Steve's last(?) exam

Follow-up to Steve's year 2 exam results from Katy's blog

After 4 years of hard work, Steve has his last exam (maybe?) for his UG degree tomorrow. Depending on his results, it is possible that he may go on to do an Honours after all, but he wants to see how he feels after this last exam. It's been a tough haul for him. He started in September 2002, which is when we found out I was expecting Emily. His first year exams were scheduled around her due date, and we moved house at the start of his second academic year. He changed jobs shortly afterwards, and while this has been stimulating it's been equally challenging at times. Last but not least, we got married in December – so there has been plenty going on! In between his studies and work commitments he has somehow managed to put the energy into family life to ensure that Emily and I are not too neglected, plus also the inevitable DIY. He does all of the grotty preparation for decorating (wallpaper stripping, removal and replacement of skirting and architrave etc), leaving the best bits for me… before he gets the home run on laminating the floors. He's very nearly finished transforming our charming, established garden into something equally lovely which better meets our needs as a family. This has involved demolishing the shed and singlehandedly moving four skips full of soil. He has also broken up an old concrete garage base with a sledgehammer. The crazy paving path which ran from one end to the other has gone, he has doubled the size of the lawn with new turf, built a deck (from scratch), and is about to lay a gorgeous stone patio (hooray!).

All that said, he's not perfect. He deliberately throws his muddiest shoes on top of either (a) my slippers or (b) any other shoes of mine which are light coloured or delicate fabric. He never unwrinkles his socks before putting them in the wash – IF he puts them in the wash – and he wanders around collecting every bit of fluff and dust on said socks because he WILL not wear his slippers. Little things, but they do incense me.

Anyway, I digress. This post is really about how proud I am of him and his achievements, and I don't think that's premature because he will do well in his exams I know.

July 26, 2005

Expensive holiday

Writing about Went on holiday, sun shone, broke down from [Ux]

Car breaking down on holiday did rather put a dampner on things although we tried not to let it! Fortunately, we had various batches of family join us at different parts of the week so we weren't totally stranded. And on the bright side, there are worse places to be than a 4 bedroomed bungalow on top of a cliff in one of the prettiest parts of Cornwall! The day trip to the Eden Project was cramped though – Steve's sister Tracey, and Steve in front of her 306, and me wedged between what now seem like the biggest child seats ever (containing our daughter Emily, and our niece Jessica).

In between the relay from Cornwall to Coventry, our car was towed back to the bungalow in Polperro. Some frustration was relieved by my booting a wheel each time I went passed it! And Emily pulled out one of her many cutie cards by giving the poorly car a kiss each time!


July 04, 2005

Steve's year 2 exam results

Writing about 2nd Year exam results – panic over… from [Ux]

My bloke is ultra clever! I am very proud of him and desperately want to persuade him do go for the BSc (Hons) rather than the ungraded degree. With exam marks like this he has such potential.

Anyway, with any luck Emily has inherited his stunning intellect rather than my brains which sparkle ever so slightly less.

June 30, 2005

Really Individual Wedding Invitations

As we're having a Christmas wedding I was really struggling to find invitations which reflected the festive date (23 December). Sending out customised Christmas cards wasn't really an option – we wanted a Christmas flavour rather than a theme.

Consequently, I decided to have a bash at making them myself. This decision has in itself caused much anxiety… what if they look crap?; do these colours work?; does it matter that my inserts are light cream while the directions are on white?; will anyone notice that the RSVP cards are a slightly different colour to the invites? etc. Resolved that it doesn't matter because each and every invitiation will be unique… although they were nearly rather more individual than planned! After my last session over the weekend at putting together the RSVP cards, everything was left out on my 'workstation' (dining room table), without registering that on Wednesdays Emily is at home being looked after by my Mum – therefore has access!! Fortunately Mum acted quickly on her suspision that Emily had gone ominously quiet, just in time to rescue the invitations from a gold-pen-in-hand-Emily-sitting-at-the-table.

Anyway, upshot is that they are pretty much done now but are taking as long to make RSVP cards, write inserts, fold directions etc as is did to decorate them. At this point for the benefit of those who will receive an invite, the writing on the front of the cards was done by my cousin Stephen's lovely wife Anita. Thanks Anita!

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