March 06, 2005

I can see…

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September 16, 2004

Study Habits

I studied biology and chemistry at the University of Missouri. Especially for the biology classes, I used mostly surface learning. There was just so much material to memorize in a pretty short time that surface learning worked best for me. The disadvantage of surface learning is that it's difficult to retain any of the memorized information past the exams.
Studying for my chemistry classes was a little different. Especially in my organic chemistry classes, I found out that memorizing wasn't enough. We used small tutoring sessions and models to fight the challenges of organic chemistry. A lot of things started to make more sense, even in other classes such as biochemistry.
For medical school I am planning to use a combination of surface and deep learning with an emphazise on deep learning. But I also believe surface learning is the essential first step in the learning process. It gives the ground work and from there you can extent into deep learning.

September 13, 2004

First Day

Our first day at Warwickwas both exciting and a little overwhelming. So much new stuff..
Everybody was really nice. Thanks.

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