May 10, 2005

The Hangover of Mr Bear

Follow-up to The day Mr Bear broke up with his girlfriend from Being the (Mis)Adventures of Mr Bear

It's the morning after.
It would appear that Mr Bear forgot to close his curtains last night; but that lets the wonderours sunlight into the room:

but Mr Bear is feeling worse for wear, the sunlight hurts his poor head, I get the feeling Mr Bear would like to go back to bed:

However, he is a busy bear, so he gets up and dresses himself:

then goes for his hangover cure:

Mr Bear will be ok, don't worry
Keep an eye out for the next (mis)adventure of Mr Bear

May 09, 2005

The day Mr Bear broke up with his girlfriend

Today, Mr Bear and his girlfriend broke up. He's feeling more than little under the weather. To try and make himself feel better, he made himself a cup of tea:

Unfortunately, this isn't quite strong enough to drown his sorrows. It being Monday, he decided to stick to the tradition of Martini Monday:

all gone!

it wasn't quite enough, the martini just didn't really do enough, so Mr Bear decided that wine was the way to go

Mr Bear was now very drunk, but still wanting more, he decided to go to the pub.

Where he had a beer:

and another:

the next one Mr Bear just couldn't face:

After finally finishing his pint, he made his drunken way home. There he found a bottle Jack Daniels. Being quiet drunk, he poured himself a pint:

and then had some from the bottle:

Mr Bear regained concusness leaning on the near empty bottle:

Mr Bear then procceded to finish the bottle:

Mr Bear was now so drunk he couldn't remember why he was drinking. He walked up stairs and atempted to get ready for bed:

Mr Bear struggles so much, that he just gives up and goes to bed in his current state of undress:

Poor Mr Bear
Drinking doesn't pay, or make you feel better
It can help you feel worse
Remember kids: Drink Sensibly!
Don't be like Mr Bear


Writing about web page

i love this place
bunny is awesome!


this is one awesome picture, as it encompasses 2 of the great things in this day and age: number 1; the bunny comic, and number 2; tea!!!!!
saying that i nearly killed myself with the power of tea alone (it's so tasty! i tried to drink too much all in one go :S)

April 24, 2005

Russian oral exam Russian for Scientists 1

For those of you who are taking this module, here are all the questions on the sheet:
1)Kak вac зoвyт?
2)Гдe вы живётe?
3)Kтo вы пo-пpoфeccии?
4)Гдe вы yчитecь?
5)Гдe живyт вaши poдитeли?
6)Kтo вaши poдитeли пo-пpoгeccии?
7)Y вac ecть бpaт или cecтpa?
8)Ckoльko лeт вaшeй cecтpe и вaшemy бpaтy?
9)Kakoe y вac xoбби?
10)Kakoй cпopт вы любитe?
11)Чтo вы oбычнo дeлaeтe в вockpeceьe?
12)Вы чacтo любитe xoдить в тeaтp, нa диckoтeky, в пaб c дpyзьяни? (last word could be worng, i canít read my handwriting)
13)Kakyтo (?) myзыky вы любитe?
14)Kakaй пpeдmeт вы изyчaeтe в yнивeпcитeтe?

she will also ask questions similar to these, but these are the ones she put on the OHP

this is for the oral exam in week 4, as this week's exam is in week 2

February 03, 2005

It's All Cool

Follow-up to The Steve Pretty Benefit Gig from Being the (Mis)Adventures of Mr Bear

I saw Steve Pretty today in the Union (hurrah for me!)
and it made me think of a certain song performed by the wonder that is The Equal Opportunities Working Group, about a certain ex sabb.
So here are the lyrics for you all to enjoy:

Steve's the man, the trumpet man, always got the horn,
He's been coming late to things from the day that he was born.
The vicar's standing at the font, awaiting Steve our man,
Soon he gets a phone call saying "I'll be there when I can."

It's all cool, it's ok, I'll be there shortly mate,
I'm halfway up a mountain and I'll be a little late.

His band play funky jazzy stuff, the people lap it up,
Or at least they like to do provided he turns up.
The groovy rhythms he must play for him are no big feat,
It's natural for him to play a bit behind the beat.

It's all cool, it's ok, I'll be there shortly mate,
I'm on a North Sea oil rig, I'll be a little late.

Steve-o likes to rock n' roll, he likes to have a laugh,
He likes to turn up to things in the second half.
We hope he's not too far away, he says he won't be long,
He's only got a minute until we end this song.

It's all cool, it's ok, I'll be there shortly mate,
I'm in prison in Ecuador, I'll be a little late.
Steve's all cool, Steve's ok, we won't have long to wait,
He's somewhere in India, he'll be a little late.

January 31, 2005

The Steve Pretty Benefit Gig

Yesterday I went on a small journey to a certain Bar Lorca, in the sunny wonderful suburb of London known as Brixton (ok, so maybe it's not sunny and all that wonderful, but hey, what you going to do?).

"But why did you want to go there?" I hear you cry.

Well, there was a gig, in aid of the tsunami; more than that, there was an all dayer with a Steve Pretty theme, in aid of the tsunami.

So, what does Steve have to do with the tsunami? For the few of you who don't know (you really should, it was in the boar and everything), Steve was on the Anderman Islands (I don't know if I spelt that correctly).

So, a gig, an all dayer, in Brixton, with a Steve Pretty theme. It was awesome! For those of you who missed it, you will be sorry forever.

First up: The Pretty Small Band, a really good start, the crowd loved it, Steve did well (considering he hadn't played for 6 months) even if his bongo playing (he tried to fit it in) didn't work too well.

Next: The Equal Opportunities Working Group. They started their set with a punked up version of 'The A Team', it was also reworded for Equal Opps. John Lumley – wow, he likes to move around a bit when 'on stage'; he spent more time jumping aornd everywhere but on the stage. It was impressive. The dancing from the Naked Chef (the drummer, he was topless) was inspired. The crowd loved it, even if they couldn't stand too close to the front for fear of being taken out by Lummers.

3rd: The Sequins! Missing their usual groupy Clare (we missed you Clare, or rather I did), they still had a good set, Hywel said he had a good time and the rest of the band looked pleased. As for the crowd, I was disappointed by them, there was nobody there! But the few that were there were having fun, myself included, they even played everyones favourite song (if it isn't your favourite it should be!) 'Nobody Dreams About Me'. It's great, it's one of the quirky, smiley songs that you can't help but love and dance to, we talked about it on the way home as one of the good points of the day (well done lads).

4th: The Big Band. Another well done set. The Big Band were on for as usual, if any of you Big Band people see this (that went on Sunday) please comment, I know I had a great time, the crowd were good, the vocals were amazing, it's be nice to see what you guys thought of it all. (Sorry for the short one, I am trying to keep this short now)

Stupid Stupid Stupid and Steve (oh dear, maybe this one won't be so short): had an amazing set! It was soooooooooo much fun, I don't think my feet touched the floor for more than 5 min in total through the whole 25 (ish) min set! Lummers – an ace 'dancing' partner :D The comment from Chris (bass) was 'I saw people in the mosh I didn't even know, which is unusal' if that says anything as to how well they went down. I managed to grab a set list and aquired a broken drumstick that went wizzing past my head, near miss from Sam thank you very much. Well done lads. Oh and I'll be wanting one of them cds you've recorded (that's right they've recorded a cd full of SSSnS stuff, how good does it get?!).

Erm, next was a set that I don't know the name of (I'm lame I know). There was a lady, and a fella on guitar. The guiatist was good, sorry not much to say there, it was kind of background. The lady however had a voice and a half. Wherever she has appeared from it was nice to have her there.

The last, but by no means least, were Porpoise Corpus. They were amazing! There was a beat, but there wasn't all the time! There were chords, that clashed, then resolved. There was the amazing, tall alto sax, the sax (very well played) , a drummer that just had to be watched, a guitarist, with some really good solos (that word is so bad, it says nothing, but my head is still dead), a bass player, what a bass player, and a pianist, who I admire. I think that is everything I can say about them, to put it another way, they were so good, words fail me (well, to an extent, words that would actually describe them fail me).

So thank you to John Lumley for all your hard work in organising the amazing day, for raising over £1000 (!), for an amazing performance. Thank you to all the bands, for all the hard work put in and the successful sets you all played.

Oh and thanks for th cds Lummers, it's been good listening to it, on the way home in the car and today, it's a memento of a great day and one hell of an achievment.

Glad you're home and safe Steve (if you actually look at this).

Thank you Mr Triangle (he knows who he is) for the lift home.

And I think that's all from me for this post, sorry it's been so long, well done to those of you who've managed to stick it out (;)).

January 29, 2005

Battle of the Bands!!!!!!

As you may or may not know, the greatest annual live music spectacle Warwick
University has ever seen is about to commence! The Bandsoc
Battle of the Bands final is a showcase of some of the finest musical talent
Warwick has to offer, and this year looks set to be an absolute blinder.
Over five heats, (commencing Thursday wk5 in the Graduate Club) a total of 29
bands will compete for a place in the final (to be held on Tues wk10 in the
One band from each heat will go through to the final, with the runners-up doing
battle in a "second chance heat of death" where the victor will win a place in
the final.
The final itself is by far the best and most electric atmosphered live music
night of the year! Last years final saw the Marketplace full to the rafters, and
six awesome performances from some of Warwick's finest before newcomers
Interloper emerged as overall winners. They're back to defend their title this
year and are up against some tough competition from the likes of melodic,
progressive soft rock 6-piece Unreal Coriander, awesome hair metal stadium rock
outfit Replica X, adventure-punks extraordinaire Snarf Takes Up the Challenge,
up-and-coming indie-mongers A Day Remains and the
rapidly-making-a-name-for-themselves Pink Spider, recently seen supporting the
Dillinger Escape Plan with their own brand of emo-hardcore.
Battle of the Bands is your only chance this term for an evening dedicated to
live music within the Students Union! Support live, local music and come along,
it will be awesome!
Entry to the heats and the final is a bargainous £1.50 for Bandsoc members and a
still incredibly good value for money £2.50 for non-members.

The dates and line-ups are as follows:

Heat One: Thursday 3rd Feb, The Graduate Club
Unreal Coriander
Flux Capacitors
The Lakes
The Great Lakes
The Fall Of Man
Pink Spider

Heat Two: Sunday 6th Feb, The Graduate Club
The Bad Radiators
Grand Design
Rookie Error
Interloper (winners 2004)

Heat Three: Thursday 10th Feb, The Graduate Club
Fire Of Prometheus
Code Napoleon
Buffalo Soldiers
Stari and the Mourning Woods
The Sweet Nothing (finalists 2004)

Heat Four: Thursday 17th Feb, The Graduate Club
A Day Remains
Code of Energy
The Stand Off
Snarf Takes Up The Challenge
Stefan Turner

Heat Five: Thursday 3rd March, The Graduate Club
Son of a Gun
The So You Claims
Wrapped In Plastic
Replica X

Runners-Up Heat: Sunday 6th March, The Graduate Club

Final: Tuesday 8th March, Marketplace

see how could you miss it?

January 26, 2005


i am it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images
and when we kiss the're perfectly aligned
i have to spectulate that god himself did make
us into correspoding shapes
like puzzle pieces from the clay
and true, it may seem like a stretch
but its thoughts like this that catch my troubled head
when you're away
when i am missing you to death
when you're out there on the road
for several weeks of shows
and when you scan the radio
i hope this song will guide you home

(and that is the first thing hear most mornings :D)

January 19, 2005

Desperate viewer?

Ok, I may have become one of the majority of viewers ont he telly. I've become desperate to watch anything, anything that is good, interesting or just plain clever. Has this been fullfilled?
In a way yes. TV is more fulfilling (yes, I know I've spelt it differenty each time, but that's because I don't know how to spell) if you watch it with friends. That way, you may comment on what crap you see, make jokes, and have them built upon, plus playrole of an actor can be fun.
However, I think I may have found a programme I would have normally scorned for it's obvious plot, 'clever' script, 'variety' of characters, actors, and then the general americanage of the whole thing. As you may be able to guess, I've been watching Desperate Housewives.
I think I like it. It's so obvious, but doesn't feel the need for the 'twist in the plot because it is too obvious'. The actors you're sure you've seen somewhere else,but they're not too big, until youwork out who they are. It's ok to watch alone (because you know everyone else who's not in the room is watching it) and it's better to watch with friends (more comments and the like).
The camera angles are simple, not too much jumping around; dramatic pauses everywhere, but not overdone; but best of all, the narrating. You just know it's a chracter that you don't see in the episode, but which one? I think I may get to like this programme, could it be some decient tv thta isn't a cartoon has emerged from across the pond?

another guessing game

That's right people
another blog entry, another guessing game

Today I went for a small shop and have brought something very exciting, anyone got any guesses?

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