June 27, 2005

It was going so well.

Today, Mr Bear started packing, as he is going home on Thursday. He started with his books and music:

He has such a lot to fit in that box!

Oh dear, it didn't, and he still has such a lot left!

Never mind, Mr Cat has made tea for Mr Bear. It looks good!

They go upstairs, as their friends should be here, soon. They are having a gathering as it is the end of term and it will probably be a while until they see each other again.

Everyone has come! There is Herbert Duck, Miss Berry, Miss Kitty (Mr Cats' girlfriend), Mr Donkey, Mr Snowman and Mr Cats' friend Miss Cranberry. I think maybe Mr Bear likes Miss Cranberry, but who knows?

Mr Bear goes to get a drink for Miss Cranberry, she has asked for a cold drink, so Mr Bear decides to put ice in it.

OH DEAR GOD! MR MONKEY! It looks like Mr Monkey has been dismembered! But everyone thought that he had dropped out and gone home! Who could have done such a thing?!

Mr Bear is sorry to have let such an horric event take place here. For this reason Mr Bear has decided that there shall be no more published tonight.
Fear not Mr Bear fans, all will be well and the murderer found, the police are on their way…

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  1. M


    27 Jun 2005, 23:28

  2. Who'd have thought that the Mr Bear saga would take such a tragic twist?

    27 Jun 2005, 23:38

  3. Who could it be?

    Did Mr Cat do it and poison Mr Bear at tea?

    Will Mr Bear manage to pack his things?

    Who knows?

    27 Jun 2005, 23:39

  4. indeed, but then this one has been in the pipeworks for a while, unlike the others which have been unscripted until i have inspiration

    Enjoy this week, as there shall be a new Mr Bear every day, as the summer will lack entries.

    27 Jun 2005, 23:40

  5. In the words of Darth Vader*, Noooooooooooooooooo

    (* or so I'm told)

    27 Jun 2005, 23:42

  6. (Note that that was with respect to the happenings in the post, not to your statement that there will be a mr bear every day.)

    27 Jun 2005, 23:43

  7. it was quite clearly an evil penguin which migrated from hollies room that did it, duh!

    28 Jun 2005, 00:16

  8. I have an alibi, I was on a hill by Hurst at the time. I have witnesses!

    28 Jun 2005, 08:51

  9. Tut tut, leaving dismembered corpses in the freezer, that's just asking for trouble. My money's on Herbert Duck, he's got a shifty eyed look about him. You never can trust ducks, that's what I always say. Penguins on the other hand are always trustworthy. I've never met a penguin I didn't like. Incidentally, why is Mr Donkey humping Miss Cranberry's arm?

    20 Jul 2005, 10:06

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