December 30, 2005

Getting ready for Christmas

(Mr Bear apologies for the lateness of this entry, but he's not been near the internet)

Mr Bears' friends have been getting his home ready for Christmas as a surprise when he gets home.

Mr Rabbit has decorated the window:

Mr Stripes has decorated the piano:

Miss Pig has decorated the mantelpiece over the fireplace:

and Mr Donkey and Mr Owl have decorated the tree:

They've even wrapped up all his presents!

Do you think Mr Bear will like it all?

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  1. Well… taking into consideration the fickle nature of M Bear Esq, I'd say quite enfatically, No.

    30 Dec 2005, 16:13

  2. I can't believe I spelt that with an 'f'.
    Please put me out of my Americanised misery. In the head. With a pickaxe.

    30 Dec 2005, 16:14

  3. why do you say Mr Bear is fickle?
    I see no evidence for the fickleness of Mr Bear – beware the rath of Bear

    30 Dec 2005, 16:29

  4. HEY, Gavin. Americans know how to spell emphatically!

    30 Dec 2005, 17:42

  5. After my own pisspoor attempt at spelling, do I bring up the blog owners misadventure? No I shall not, as my own blog is full of literative inconsistency.

    They can't spell sulphur though can they, Olivia?

    30 Dec 2005, 17:47

  6. WHat do you mean my misadventure?
    Nor can they pronounce aluminium correctlt ;)

    30 Dec 2005, 20:32

  7. Toko me a few mins to work out that's your house in Settle not our house in Leam. I am actually going mad…

    30 Dec 2005, 22:03

  8. Y'all, just because you may not personally dig a less colorful spelling of sulfur, or our aluminum-strength will to keep sayin' tomaytoes, doesn't mean it's incorrect per sayyyy. Merkin is a differen' language, with a differen' culture as well, if you haven't noticed the Merkin president's obsession with nukular bombs an' barbacooed roadkeel.

    30 Dec 2005, 22:12

  9. I had – I personally was kidding

    30 Dec 2005, 22:44

  10. I saw what Mr Bear did with that mistletoe. Shameless use of blutac if you ask me.

    31 Dec 2005, 00:17

  11. I remove myself from the debate before I get a fat-wah slapped on me

    31 Dec 2005, 01:17

  12. I know Katie :) Just joshing around.

    31 Dec 2005, 02:48

  13. sxc jade n glenn

    jades comment
    it grabs my heart and it is commucilaton

    glenns comment
    i have 2 agree MY heart is famjooogleating 2

    05 Dec 2006, 14:18

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