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September 16, 2007

It all kicks off tomorrow!

My courses start tomorrow – still have to decide what I want to do!
Since i last wrote, I’ve done so many things! Last weekend I went to a party with lots of french people, then did my laundry with Cat from downstairs. Most of the week has been devoted to sorting out courses and things, apart from tuesday when we went to Valence by train and met with one of Gladys’s friends who lives there, and she gave us the tour of the town. After that me and Katie ate in Le Tonneau de Diogène (a cafe-philosophique) and then went on InteGRe’s tour of Grenoble city centre.
On wednesday we went out again and went shopping and things, and thursday was much the same! At the moment, we seem to just go shopping, come back, eat something, go out – but its very nice and sociable!
The last few days theres been this Liberation forum thing, loads of politicians debating over stuff. Saw Fadela Amara debate with Jean Daniel over immigration, Daniel Cohn Bendit with some advisor of Sarkozy’s about the comment made by Sarkozy: ‘liquider 68’ and also Francois Hollande with Piero Fassino on how to reconstruct the European Left! they were mostly boring apart from the one with Daniel Cohn Bendit, he was fascinating to watch, and an amazing orator.
Last night i went to a casino royal themed housewarming party, it was great – I played poker in French (its much the same as in English – not even the words change!)
I have just returned from walking up to the Bastille and back – its very hot today however. so am overheating slightly!

Lots of things have happened, and I’m never bored here but its still difficult to settle, as my courses havent started yet and I dont really have a structure to anything at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll feel better after this week.

Just got to hope I can understand my lectures!

September 09, 2007

Photos of Grenoble

I cant work out how to put lots of photos on here… so heres a link to my other photos on Facebook!


Grenoble 2

Pont en Royans

Moving bubbles!

September 07, 2007

I've already been here a week!

I just realised I’ve already been here a week!
So far I’ve done loads of things – administration stuff aswell as being a bit of a tourist! hopefully going to visit Annecy sometime soon. Getting my courses sorted out gradually too, opened a bank account, moved into my studio (not nearly as glam as it sounds – photos to follow when I’ve got internet chez moi).

Going out later with the people in our accomodation – I decided that we needed to get to know eachother so I’ve kind of arranged a soiree which is quite exciting!

Was a bit of a low on tuesday when I moved into my place as it wasnt quite what I’d imagined and it didnt feel comfortable or welcoming, but now i’ve put some nice things in it its ok!
Have spent so much money on food/stuff for my room its unreal. But hopefully spending will calm down a bit soonish!
Quite excited about my bank account as I will be getting my Allocation de Logement to help me with my rent eventually.

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