July 15, 2016

Where is H&S???

Yesterday more than 80 people have been killed in Nice in a terrorist truck attack during Bastille Day celebration in France. How is this possible?? How can people organise an event with thousands of people on the busiest street of Nice without blocking the two end of the road both ways??? Why they couldn't build up a huge impermeable metal fence??? Why they didn't think about the health and safety of their citizens and tourists??? Why incidents like this need to happen time to time to realise the significance of health and safety??? Why they didn't organise more policemen around and security checks??? Why, why, why??? Just more questions arise... I was walking on the Promenade des Anglais a couple of years ago and now this is what happened...aggravating and frustrating...we are given only one life and it is so easy to be taken away... :-(

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  1. Katie,
    Its very heartbreaking that human life is so easy to be taken away. Every morning I am afraid of looking at the news both for my country and the rest of the world. When I encounter news like these, I say to myself that what will be the worse case or scenario than this? But, day after day we see even more tragic things going on. I always try to understand and think in a positive way that this world will be a better place because there are also good people like us who will drive positive change. I see that those people who continue to do violent things are unlucky to see the beauty of life, love, and happiness and I feel pity for them. They do not even know or had a chance to get satisfaction from life. For me, those innocent people who lost their lives were luckier than that guy. They were dead while they were there for their national day to celebrate unity of their country and people. However, that guy who did not even wise enough to enjoy his life even he had a chance to live in a beautiful country like France which gives him a citizenship, right to work, right to live. Sometimes you pay for your stupidity I guess and that guy paid it by being unhappy in his life and by giving his life away. What a shame… He chose to be unhappy in his life, but it didn’t satisfy him. Then, he chose to make other people unhappy and angry. We shouldn’t make him and people like him successful. We should continue to be good at what we do in this life, follow our passions, and be even better people in terms of our moral values. When I see those news, I feel that I have more reasons to live this life and work to make this world a better place and influence people around me in a good way… World was always like this, its a cycle that we can not prevent. The only thing we can do is to make it worth to live. Nothing can be 100% perfect, if it was, the world could be a boring place to live and breathe.

    17 Jul 2016, 14:14

  2. Thank you for your comment Nilsu, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, some people in this world cannot appreciate what they have and they will always want more, even on other people’s harm, loss or pity, because of their sorrow, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, jealousy, pretension… Some people are even jealous when they see a smile on your face. Why people cannot support each other? Why people cannot be happy for others’ happiness or success? I have never understood this, maybe never will. I can feel it time after time. I do believe that everyone has given choices and opportunities what they can use for good. It is their fault if they cannot live with them and utilize them. That’s why I am very happy that I took a year off break from work and met so many valuable people with good hearts here, because I am telling you in the real word, unfortunately there’s not much of them…

    17 Jul 2016, 15:26

  3. You are welcome Katie. I understand your point and the example you gave is so true! Some people become jealous when they see a smile on your face. I cannot understand how people manage to feel like that and never will be able to. There is a phrase from a movie that affected me a lot. There was a scene in which there were two couples who went for a dinner in one of their friends’ summer house and when they were having dinner together, the guy says to his friend that he and his wife will gonna have divorce soon. And his long-time best friend pretends like he is upset, but it appears that (even he is demonstrated as a good guy) he is somehow happy. Then the lady turns back to his husband and she says “Don’t worry, our misery will make him feel good”. It reflects that how people can get that bad in terms of morality and values…

    17 Jul 2016, 17:06

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