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February 26, 2016

Some reflections

- Leadership is hard. It needs special characteristics, skills, styles, phylosophy, knowledge, values, principles and so on in order to work effectively.

- Everything starts from the vision. Vision is over the horizon. The vision needs to be set from the beginning to show the right direction and the goals, where the team needs to go to achieve that vision.

- Sometimes it is better to step back. And just watch. Observe people, observe the process. If we see people's behaviours from outside, conflicts between people, ect., we can have some suggestions or ideas how to improve.

- Time management is crucial.

- Leaders should know how to deal with failures. Leaders should never blame the team members but only himself/herself.

- It takes time to assess the skills of the team members.

- Giving and getting feedback is important in order to see our strengths and our areas of improvements.

- Leaders should take attention to every details accurately.

- The success of a project is based on the team members.

- It is significant to give space to the team members to come up with new, creative, innovative ideas.

- We should treat others in a way we would like to be treated.

- A good leader disposes of honesty, integrity, transparency and authenticity.

- Leadership without ego. Leaders need to put their ego on the side if they would like to gain support from the team members.

- The leadership style depends on the situation, followers and on the characteristics of the leader.

- Effective leaders can achieve the voluntary work of the employees.

- Good leaders are continuously learning and they are grown to become leaders.


Coaching is about unlocking someone's potential. Coaching is not about you, but about the coachee. Coaching is NOT about giving direction or setting up goals or telling people what to do. But it is more about making people take their own responsibility about their problems or issues. Coaching is about helping. Helping people to open up to the coach, to gain trust and build a relationship between the coach and the coachee. It is about helping others to solve their own problems by questioning them about when? what? where? how?. It is also important to emphasize the avoidance of why questions, because they are challenging. Coaching is not giving guidance but getting the coachee to realise his/her own solution to the problem. We should never give examples from our own experience. Coaching is about gaining commitment and making sure that there are available resources to be able to solve the problems.

Before the coaching sessions, I thought that a coach should have some similar characteristics as a leader but coaching and leading are two different approaches.

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