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February 23, 2016

Hotel Simulation

Firstly, I have been given a task to be the observer of my team which means that I wasn't able to contribute to their decision making, I couldn't suggest any ideas, I just had to sit back letting them doing their tasks, observe and listen. It was very difficult for me, because I like to express my thoughts on different tasks and give suggestions how various problems can be solved. However, I have learned a lot by observing their behaviour and their way of thinking. Sometimes in life we need to step back and see what's going on without our contribution. Sometimes we also need to step back to move forward.

Secondly, because my role was a deputy manager, when the general manager had to travel abroad, I had to take his role, but there was a twist in this exercise, I had to leave my team and join to another one as their general manager, when their hotel was already running and producing a huge loss. This was a challenging situation, especially, because I didn't know what was going on and I had to ask all the details from the team members. The first decision wasn't great and we produced even more loss. Then I realized that we need to have a drastic change in order to develop and get back to the right path. I tried to encourage this team that we can do better, we need a different way to get out from this situation and we are able to improve our occupancy level. In the last three quarters, we have made the right decisions, we reduced our loss from like -$168.000 to -$32.000 which was an incredible change and we also increased our occupancy level from 31% up to 80%. We didn't win the game, but I think we have won much more - inspiration, motivation, teamwork, collaboration, enthusiasm and "can do" attitude. Nothing is impossible. I am very grateful for all the feedback I have got, I know I still need to improve on some areas, but this life is a continuous learning process. And I am learning new things every day. :) Thank you very much team. Everybody has done a very good job.

Leadership in the jungle

The lessons learned from the jungle exercise:

- Leaders should follow their values and principles.

- Leaders should be more persuasive about their decisions.

- We need to get rid of the "blaming culture".

- Honesty and integrity highly contributes to the morale of the team.

- Leaders are making decisions for a greater good.

- Leaders should engage all the creativity of the team members.

- Voting is not always the best solution to make a decision.

Leadership style

It was very interesting to observe different leadership styles yesterday. Especially, when someone had to play a role what he/she didn't prefer or not even close to his/her personality.

In terms of an autocratic leadership style, the leader has total authority and takes control over all decisions and his choices are typically made based on his point of views or judgments. Personally, I believe that in some situations when control is necessary, this is can be an effective leadership style in order to make sure that the job is done in time and correctly.

I think the most effective leadership style is democratic, because it allows the individual team members to express their own opinions and suggestions freely and discuss the tasks openly in a team. The leader can encourage the team members to share their own ideas and the decision is made based on everyone's contribution. This leadership style can bring out the best from the team members.

Laissez-faire is the opposite of authoritarian leadership style which means that the leader steps back and leave the team members to do their tasks in their own way. In our group exercise, the team with this leadership style won the most creative castle prize, although according to some researchers, this leadership style leads to the lowest productivity of the members. The power is handed over to followers and the team members are expected to solve their tasks on their own. This leadership style can also be effective if the team members are highly-skilled, motivated and having the right knowledge. However, in some situations people need to be led by the leader and they need to receive guidance in order to know what are the requirements from them.

In case of a charismatic leadership style, the leader is able to inspire and engage people through his/her vision without authority or power. Charisma is conceptualised as a personal characteristics of the leader that helps the leader to gain trust from the team members and influence and persuade them to follow by motivating them and by communicating the vision effectively.

All the above mentioned leadership styles have got advantages and disadvantages and their application depends on different situations, followers and leaders.

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