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June 19, 2016

Last presentation

I strongly believe that everyone's presentation skills and confidence developed in the last 8 months together with the contents and details of the presentations. I think we see everything more systematically and comprehensively with the ability to link something to something else. :-) We have learnt a lot of techniques, tools, methods, but for me the best experience was to learn from different people from different countries with different abilities and skills who have great values and who are very good human beings. I believe that Paul did a fantastic job to select everyone in this course, the best people all over the world who shared their knowledge, experience, time with me. I am very grateful for this, I learnt how to appreciate things more, I learnt a lot of patience, I learnt to shut up and listen more :-). My problem solving skills definitely developed, and I became better to sort out things effectively in a short period of time. Thank you very much MBE that I could be a part of this.

Organisational culture

Before we want to change anything, we need to change ourselves and our way of thinking. Leaders need to create a working environment with the right organisational culture by showing examples how teamwork, values, principles, standards, creativity, new ideas and different supports (help from other colleagues) are promoted. As I am writing my dissertation about retention, people like to feel valued and being a part of something "bigger". It is important to involve employees in the decision making processes, so they can feel that they can also have a "word" in order to change the organisation for better. Challenging work, learning from colleagues, teamwork, ethical behaviour, work-life balance, organisational culture, company's facilities (good food, company car, gym, healtcare) are more important to most of the people regardless of different generations than salary for instance. Thus, organisations need to create all the facilities (virtual, physycal, human) that contribute to the happinness of the employees so they can enjoy working in that company.

Situational awareness

It is crucial to be aware of any human errors, hazardouos materials, chemicals, verbal and non-verbal factors that may influence the working situation, because these may have enormous consequences/impacts on people and on other physical assets of the company. It is very important to eliminate any potential errors or factors that can cause danger to anyone's health and safety. UK takes this very seriously, as anything might happen with an employee besides his/her mistakes, the employee might sue the company. For instance, if the cleaning lady washed the floor and didn't put a warning sign on and an employee or a customer fell over and let's say broke his/her leg, the person can sue the company, and the company has to pay out a lot of money to the person to recover. That is why, it is crucial to carry out different analysis in the company, for instance risk analysis, to make sure that all the standards and procedures all followed.

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