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December 03, 2015

Helicopter experiment

Today we learned about the Taguchi Method by experiment (building 8 different types of paper helicopters). In order to improve the process, we must experiment first by testing our theories. We must always be on target with minimum variation. If we start to move away from our target, that could cost a lot of money for the company. The one-sided tolerance level's formula are: L = ky2 and L = k(1/y2). For Taguchi, the off-line quality control is more important which is about the design of products and processes. It is essential to create a feasible design space, optimise it and innovate. There are two main factors that affect the design or the process: the control factors that can be set and controlled, and the noise factors that cannot be controlled. In our helicopter experiment, the control factors were the followings: the length of the wings, the width of the wings, we had an interaction, the length of the body, the width of the body, the width of the head and the paper material. Robustness is crucial in case of the uncontrolled noise factors because we have to make sure that our operation works consistently well with minimum variation. Taguchi method is great in terms of time and cost saving. By getting the result of the noise factors, we can suggest which experiment will have the best result by looking the signal-to-noise ratio of "larger the better". η= -10logMSD (mean square deviation)

By getting the best combination of the factors, we can calculate the prediction of our process.

This robust design focuses on the improvement of products and processes by reducing cost, improving quality and reducing intervals.

Management of change

Yesterday we learned how to calculate the process capability level. The distance from the lower tolerance level and upper tolerance level is crucial. With the help of the process capability, we can have a deeper insight of the natural spread of the process. We can only improve the process if the tolerance level is shortened between the upper and lower tolerance level.

Our aim is to be on target with minimum variation. A state of statistical process control is not a natural state. We have to make sure about the persistent elimination of special causes.In terms of special causes, immediate action is required. With the help of statistical process control, we can gain knowledge and experience in a coherent manner. SPC needs to become a culture. It is important to understand the voice of the process, when the data indicates change, we need to recalculate control limits.

Change is a very difficult and challenging issue and often causes chaos in a company. Managers have vital roles in the implementation of change. They have to engage with the employees, explain why we need the change, how this change will effect the company and employees positively. Management of change is an emotional process where people can lose their expertise, skills, status, interests, security, territory, but most importantly relationships. Managers need to avoid the resistance of change by the employees and make them understand that in order to improve, we need to change. Although, in terms of resistence, employees could be less committed, conflicts could arise, their working behaviour can be changed and their motivation can be decreased. The management need to support all the employees in the process of change, they need to listen to them in order to deal with all their concerns, they have to share all the relevant information of the change, they need to gain their trust and involve them in the process.

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