October 03, 2010

The initial weeks work

So, I have survived the initial weeks of Warwick's intense PGCE in Drama with English and I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying myself. 

We started the course by un-packing our knowledge and packing up our fears and feelings on the year ahead. This was useful as we we're leaving the past behind along with any other preconceptions we had lurking around about the course. 

The information at first seemed overwhelming, however, I surprised myself at my ability to come and excel under the pressure. The work is enjoyable and I have learnt more over these two weeks than I ever thought probable.

Knowing how to structure a lesson plan fills me with ease as that appeared to be the most challenging element we had to face.

Also my previous knowledge of English seemed to flood back to me during our English sessions and has made me condifent in a subject I was a little wary of to start with. As I have been a Drama and Theatre arts specialist for many years English felt as if it may feel alien to me. Although, that is not the case at all.

Working with such a large group would appear daunting, however, everyone seems friendly and readily available to offer support and guidance. Saying that walking across a circle in a group of 60 people is intimidating at times. 

I have met some wonderful people so far and I am very much looking forward to future endeavours. I can not wait until placement and working in the Drama and English classrooms. 

Bring it on.


Kassey Rutland

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