May 07, 2006

So Dark The Con Of Man

With the imminent release of The Da Vinci Code upon us, I thought it was time to throw up all the hullaballoo about the book and film.

My own personnal stand point is that this is a piece of fiction. Based upon conspiracy theories and conjecture it is an interesting, yet wholly harmless, book. People however are getting very up tight about it. I was reading Empire and saw how many people have tried to stop this movie being made. The bets one being a nun who protested outside one of the churches where they filmed. The nun protested in silent prayer for around 12 hours.

I think it is important to have beliefs and convictions. And of course one should defend them. But I think people are getting wound up about nothing. I understand however that if those who dont believe could be driven from it and those already believing could lose faith over it.

The importance is the standpoint. The Church are working fromt he point of saying its fiction, but campaigning as if it were fact. As long as we realise that it isnt fact then there is no harm. But I would like to start the discussion about this. What does everyone think about the book, the film, its theories and so forth.

Just let go. And believe.

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  1. I've met many otherwise intelligent people who have actually taken it as fact. As if, after reading one book, they know better than people who have been studying this thing for half their lives.

    07 May 2006, 12:23

  2. This is the thing. Heres a good example of how people just accept things at face value. In TDVC Brown states the Louvre pyramid has 666 glass panels. Everyone starting quoting this. As fact! But it has 677 panels (or there abouts). Its just Brown taking facts or ideas and manipulating them. i.e FICTION.

    07 May 2006, 13:05

  3. There are both elements of fact and fiction within Dan Brown's book, though I have to admit I never finished reading it. There is a long manipulation of counterproductive facts which derive from many places, I shall say no more other than to mention that there is strong Masonic links within the book, and in fact the whereabouts of the holy grail, which was stowed away by the Knights–Templars, or so the story goes. My evidence for this? Having talked about it to a 30th degree Freemason (out of a possible 33 degrees) so I would say Brown's work is interpretative, to say the least, but fundamentally based on beliefs of factuality.

    08 May 2006, 00:32

  4. Jesus Mohammed Buddha

    Should there be a disclaimer for the Bible? I found this version quite humorous….

    Bible Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, loosely based on historical facts and word of mouth which, admittedly, was transcribed decades after the actual events occurred. It does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of either the publisher, author, subjects, historians, Jesus, God, God's son, daughter, mother–in–law or cat; text has been subject to additions, deletions, and translations without notice; facts may be altered for political manipulation, to arouse public hysteria, or to identify suitable scapegoats; any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental; your mileage may vary; promises of an after–life are not guaranteed, and do not constitute an expressed or implied warranty; user assumes full liabilities; caveat emptor; read at your own risk; action figures sold separately; should you develop a rash, redness, irritation, feelings of moral superiority, or swelling of the ego, discontinue use; should fable be ingested whole, induce vomiting immediately; if symptoms persist, consult an atheist; calls may be monitored by NSA for spying purposes; other restrictions may apply.

    19 May 2006, 09:19

  5. As much as that is a joke, there are some parts of it which are closely true to the nature of The Bible itself which many Christians refuse to accept.

    20 May 2006, 12:53

  6. Darnelle

    The book and movie are both definitely fiction…DEFINITELY.

    04 Dec 2006, 00:12

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