April 29, 2006


ive got nowhere to live next year. i dont know anyone who hasnt already got a group of friends to live with. This sucks.

I dont want to move back onto campus. I want to live in Leam. I dont want to live by myself though. Oh man this is so bad.

Anybody got any ideas? Or anyone who has got a group but hasnt got a house, fancy one more?

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  1. You should talk to Jodie, her and Olly and kate are talking about livign togetehr in Leam next year. (Whats wrong with where you're living now though? Can't you just stay another year there?)

    29 Apr 2006, 18:24

  2. All the rooms in the house bar one are taken. And Im not living in the cold noisy room next to the living room, and two bathrooms. I have standards.

    29 Apr 2006, 20:07

  3. Sensible. Good luck house–mate hunting… You could always just wait and see who gets accepted for MAs at Warwick and band together then.

    29 Apr 2006, 20:58

  4. I know you probably want to get sorted fairly soon, but theres a possibility Ill still be around next year, working a crap job with no responsibility, one of the girls I know may also be looking into that option, but if it helps maybe I could wheels into motion on it? May not be the perfect thing… but if it helps at all I can look into it

    29 Apr 2006, 23:20

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