April 17, 2006

Destinys Child and J. Sainsburys

First its easter monday. This means shops are packed to get those essentials. So much so that Sainsburys car park needed 5 attendants and 30 minutes of sitting on my ass just for me to get my car off the small complex.

And now Im at home watching Destiny's Child's Farewell concert. I used to like them, they were a bit of fun. Now the concert Im watching is just shameless money spending on something not that great. The stage has all these amazing effects and they have backing dancers than Ive had hot dinners. Its all spectacle around some very mediocre music. I understand thats what it is, but just having seen the Red Hots the other night, it really goes to show where more effort is required.

DC didnt write their songs, nor did they design the show. All they do is get up there, learn some very poor dance routines which basically involve wiggling ones booty and bending over backwards, and they let the spectacle carry the show. With a proper band, they have written the music and keep the audiences attention with nothing more than the songs and a bit of jumping around. So its not the show thats obviously important but the music.

Manufactured pop makes me sick. Especially when they all go on about how their lives have been so hard. Yes, Im sure not getting the uber deluxe rolex piece of bling crap was traumatising for some poor pop star and they had to 'go into rehab' for a minor drug problem for being addicted to Beta Blockers or something. Im not saying my life is hard, and some of them do have problems, but they all seem to make such a deal out of it.

Currently Kelly Rowland is getting the audience to sing 'Kelly I love you' back at her, and to no great reaction. Its so funny. And all they do is just warble their voices. Man, I know what singing is and its not an American pop warble. Christina Aguilera (however its spelt) is the most guilty of said crime. Its just seems to be one big ego trip for the 'artist'. All the backign singers and even the leads just spend the whole show bigging up the lead singers. Its sick.

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  1. I agree completely, the majority of the pop diva types don't hold a candle to the real musicians of the world. Even people like Madonna I feel are somewhat guilty of making the show an extravaganza rather than about the music. Contrast that with Keith Urban or Bruce Springsteen live and you have a show that is just about the music and the audience responds accordingly. Unfortunately the multi million pound show spectacular appeals to a generation bought up to absorb information by watching TV and asking questions on internet forums rather than doing research themselves.

    17 Apr 2006, 13:00

  2. Isnt that exactely what we are doing now. Watching TV and making comments about said program. Oh the cruel irony.

    17 Apr 2006, 14:29

  3. You know my view on manufactured bands, I believe the key to good bands is singing about stuff that actually means somethin to that person. Not what the producer thinks will sell well. If you wanna hear a great song about none commercialism within the music industry, try nofx – dinosaurs will die!! Atleast it has meaning, whereas the crap that comes out on the charts means about as much as my comments will have effect on the conveyer belt that is pop

    17 Apr 2006, 21:27

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