May 15, 2007

Early start to look at Induction activity 2.1

As part of the Project Management online module I’m tasked with completing a virtual induction process. This will take place over the next week or so and I’m hoping that I can contribute as much as possible. As part of this I’m looking to post morning and night to keep discussion/conversations/work flowing and hopefully build up a head of steam to get the module completed to time,budget and quality metrics ;-)

May 14, 2007

Wow – part B started and loads to do!

Well managed to pass all my part A exams in one sitting so actually quite proud of myself. Unfortunately no distinctions although three subjects were extremely close. Now studying a raft of subjects this year to either keep the pressure up on myself (???) or try and get through most of the programme this year to leave project/dissertation for the final year.
Will endeavour now to make a posting most days and certainly hope to do so through the induction period for my virtual project work – Project Management course/module.

November 07, 2006

Struggling to get this stuff to stick!

Well started the revision but don’t seem to be able to remember anything from one day to the next. Need some help!

Not particularly good when my.wbs (the learning portal) goes down. Now in to it’s third day at least.

Ho hum … back to Operations Management

October 22, 2006

Nearly there!

Well I’ve nearly finished all the materials (10 lessons for each of 5 subjects) so I’ll be moving on to revision in the next few days. Would be good to get started on this as I’ll need as much time as I can get before the exams in December!

October 03, 2006

Cracking on ..

Well I am managing to crack on with studies – but not with posting on my blog – sorry!
Now completed all the lessons for 80%+ of the course – just need to finish 4 more lessons and I can then get on with revision.

Master Builders didn’t like the extension – ho hum.

Two new kittens are providing a challenge to studying and finishing everything off.

Hope to keep posting more as the revision continues!

July 25, 2006

Opps – another month slips by ….

Well I was really trying to keep up but have had to concentrate on my studies BIG time. Now doing a lesson a night and completing TMAs at the weekend. Sneaky check of our mail system and learning system (my.wbs) whilst at work (during "lunch") to keep on top of comms … did anyone say it was going to be this exciting (a lovely euphemism for hard work!).

Skyped at the weekend with 2 study group buddies and I think we've got AFM TMA C done which is great news.

Need to complete a master builder of the year form tonight to enter our new extension … so must dash …

June 29, 2006

Well another day another post … can I keep this up?

I've managed to make a post the day after a previous post – which is getting there finally. Had a good Skype session with my study group and we are now looking for colleagues to join us in our Self catering flat at the September Seminar.
Agreed that we'll complete tutor marked assignment C for Accounting and Financial management for next weeks Skype session.
Also managed to tidy some stuff out in the loft and will be looking to ebay it in the near future. I'll keep my blog posted with an update ;–)
That's it for now.

June 28, 2006

Flip – how many months since my last entry?

Well loads to be precise … and another ex–colleague has been in touch to say hello. Found again by my blog … perhaps everyone should have a blog??? Anyway I must start adding to mine in some form of a consistent way.

Well my cat has now died which has been traumatic to say the least but at least she's now peaceful.

Study continues but the study group I'm in has now realised we need to complete a tutor marked assignment a week to be on schedule for the september seminar.

The september seminar accommodation is now booked and we are looknig for other MBA studes to join us in our luxury self catering accommodation … here's hoping the more the cheaper!

March 03, 2006

Continuing …

Well a whole month passes and only studying has taken place. That and reading a couple of books neither worthy of note unfortunately.

At least a couple of old friends have contacted me … hello again Guy and Shen. Long time no hear and then both in the same month!

Missing two other friends at the moment as they are in N. Wales (walking/climbing) and I'm here typing away …

January 23, 2006

First Part of My MBA Blog

So I've finally taken the plunge … MBA eh? And a new blog site to boot.
Let's see how much I can contribute to the world of knowledge.

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