November 12, 2006

Venturing into Space

Welcome to Kara’s Space. I am pleased to note that I had planned to start a blog and call is Kara’s Space before I heard about ‘’, mostly because I work in Space Management, so it was a clever pun.

I have finally forced myself to sit down and make the first blog entry. I have a desire at present for this to be a quiet place where I can go to get away from the chaos of my thinking – or try to bring it to order. Like my retreats to Borders on weekends to work – a place where I can be alone and unnoticed, but still have human interaction, and really just watch the world go by.

My space has comfy chairs, warm lighting and a fire place. There is a hub of background noise, with ‘concentrating’ music in the background – light jazz, accoustic guitar or baroque classical (or anything with strings, really). There are books everywhere relating to every topic – books are my comfort blanket. The walls are painted in warm, rich tones and adorned by Impressionist and Cuban art alongside photographs of my family and friends. It feels spacious but cozy and uncluttered. There are no mobile phones. There are windows that enable breathtaking views of sunsets (preferably over the Canadian prairies). Television has its place – sometimes you just need that kind of escape, to history or wildlife documentaries, french films, Hockey Night in Canada or The West Wing. And of course there is coffee, to warm the body and awaken the spirit.

Occasionally work must be undertaken, but I hope there is enough space for work-life balance.

I’m sure there will be additons, makeovers and refurbishments as I go along, but for now, welcome to my space.

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