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March 18, 2006

Aaahh [Five Over Six] of a Year and another post

Maybe its because Im bored, or I am just sucked into browsing the internet at the moment. But I think I should take more time to add entries to my blog.

Sounds at the moment… Bullet For My Valentine…Kapil? This kinda music? What you playin' at? Yes I know its crazy, but theres something crazy about these extreme riffs and head banging drumming, I like how it isn't totally distorted and theres a lot of seperation in regards to bass/mids/highs compared to music which sounds like Neapolitan ice cream melted slightly and stirred into a pale brown mush.

Job? Yes Please, at Vodafone at the moment (Parade, Leamington), probably the best job I have ever had (albeit only my 2nd!) But the work is very satisfying, the pay is immense, and the guys at work are great, and the Boss is totally cool. Hopefully the money is going to help pay for my automobile which should be arriving soonish! Also, it doesn't helpwhen you get a savage paper cut in front of a customer and dont realise while you drip blood on the mouse and keyboard :/ But you always get some Jeffs who don't know what they're doing as you help them as much as them reading the bloody manual would.

Wow…one of my longest posts?

About to go sleep soon, long day at work, and got into the habit of early nights and early days (Now i've hit double digits (20yrs) im feeling the effects).

This Coming Week : Work, Go Home To Essex, Work….work more?

Who believes me?

also I believe 0.9r (reccuring) = 1

Coolest car ever? 1995 Porsche 928 GTS

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