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November 19, 2008

getting back to blogging… feelings of GBE OPP

It's been weeks since I lasted blog, I am feeling quite  guilty at the moment for not putting anything down. It is as if I have learned nothing over the last three weeks. Well , to be honest, I am not sure what I have learned really from the GBE PMA which is what I primarily worked on in the break. My topics was on pharmaceuticals and the impact of globalisation on pharmaceutical industry. Just to quickly reflect on my experience of doing the first PMA. I think like many of my classmates, the general feeling is that initially it was difficult to navigate around the resources and see what was actually valuable information. So I ended up reading a lot of things that were "interesting" but not necessarily helpful for the assignment. Oh well... I guess it's all part of the learning.

Francisco wrote a blog on his experience which I thought was quite helpful. Certainly it is important very early on we know exactly what the question is asking us. I mean I know I spent ages reading books and articles, learning about different globalisation issues, while thinking in my head "oh this is quite interesting, wouldnt it be nice if the PMA question was actually about this instead". No unfortunately, even though I started quite early keeping in mind that I am only suppose to spend 40 hours on this PMA, I still end up working in it pretty much the whole three weeks. Why was that I ask myself. Well, going to the many employer presentations and sport and society was one reason. More importantly though, I wasn't clear what I was looking for in my reading. This is when I think doing some sort of mind map is crucial to helping us to understand the question more deeply and avoid so reading things that are irrelevant to the question. So the time management is important but so is the learning style.

Overall, I think I only did an okay job for the PMA, i tried to 'fit' the information I gathered into my essay. Thinking that I 'must' get a lot of references so it looks like I am not just talking out of my 'backside' , I kind of twist and morph the literature information into my essay. The problem with that I think as I later reflect on the method is that very easily I can fall into the trap of not 'answering the question' because the article i read are generally not written for the purpose of the PMA. The better method is I think, do the essay first , write out the argument for why I believe my ideas about the impact of globalisation on pharmaceutical are right. Then backup my argument with the literature information. This way will ensure the question is answered directly and not somehow 'implicity' suggested by my writing (haha).

Enough about the GBE PMA, that's old information, the focus now is on OPP. How do I feel about it? Well, so fr it has been very interesting. I like the way the WMG courses are so multi-faceted and so practical orieted. I mean I never expected to learn about psychology before I joined this course and today I think I learned a lot about how human minds works and what make people 'tick' ! Guy was brilliant, he was able to explain things so clearly with his examples and show how psychology affect the workplace (for people who studied psychology before it might have been a bit boring to listen). Les Cross was a very very funny man... it was hard not to laugh whenever he cracked a joke ... too bad we only have him for one day. Good thing is I might get to listen to Guy again for Change Management :)

I do have some concern over the way the in class assessment is marked. Is it the FISH exercises? and what is the relative weight of different FISH color cards. If the cards we get will determine our in class marks then I think it is quite unreasonable how no matter how the class did overall, there will always be people sitting in the bottom with the worst cards and end up getting a low mark. As Lila said to me, why can't everyone get 15 out of 15?

anyway, I will check with Barry to see how the system works. That's all for now

oh and thanks abhishek ... you are the reason why this particular entry was created today

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