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Kamal Shafie

Initially, the main aim of why I’m choosing to create my first blog is simply just to try out new things in order for me to gain more experience from my time studying here in the University of Warwick. I am a first year international student and I considered myself as very optimistic and I am open to new ideas and experience because I believe that it is one good way of opening up my mind on how I should look and try to understand the world from various perspectives in life.

Therefore, I have chosen to enrol myself in the Warwick Skills Workshops and the Warwick Skills Portfolio Awards under the Undergraduate Skills Programme by the University of Warwick. As requested by the programme, I am obligated to set up a blog as part of the programme requirement in which it will be use as a medium for me to reflect on what I have learn from all of the workshops that I have attended. In doing so, I hope I will achieve my aim of attaining the Warwick Skills Portfolio Awards by the end of the academic terms.

Nevertheless, what is more important for me is the hope that I will be able to learn to express myself as an individual and also as an international students in many aspects of my life that might seems in need of some great attention and support. Hence, I believe that this blog will be helpful in helping me to share what I experience and learned from all of the workshops and perhaps it might one day inspire others to do the same too.

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