March 13, 2007

Biffy clyro

oh my gosh.  they are playing warwick over the hols (14th april i think) wooooooooo!

also mr scruff too, playing start of next term.  playing the day before my birthday party . . . .hmm i hope it doesnt diminish the excitement!

March 11, 2007

why i hate working in retail

1) customers venting their rage on you

2) the assumption that you are stupid because you work in a shop.  Clearly any young person behind a counter MUST be a teen pregnancy theiving no good dropout, not a student who needs an extra few quid

3)having to laugh at customers jokes or weird comments.  like 'my, you look ill!' when i was actually feeling pretty good.  how do you respond to that?

4)dealing with people who clearly have mental health issues to the extent they shouldnt be out on their own.  i am a sales asst ffs, not someone who is qualified to deal with questions like 'could you fit a dead body in this cupboard?' *said to me by a crazy*

5) minimum wage.  if i was paid more, i would care

6) friends saying 'at least its money!' in a jolly fashion.  these friends normally do not need jobs / are unemployed and arent looking.  I would rather be unemployed atm.

7)little kids, usually on those 'heelies' let loose by parents run ragged to create havoc in the shop.  if you child is clearly hyperactive and on wheels why would you let them loose in a shop selling china?  they break things, then give them to me to fix.  and if i actively watch the child or tell them not to touch the parents kick off at me.

8)vandal kids who think its cool to graffiti on a leather sofa.  the parents deny that their little angel could ever do such a thing, naturally.  Tbh if it was amusing a la banksy (such as 'this skin looked better on the cow'.  I made thatup off the top of my head, but you get the jist) i wouldnt clean it off but 'xmen 3' scratched into a chair just angers me.

9) i dont get a break unless i work for 6 hours

10)there is no ten. i just hate retail.

March 09, 2007


Oh my gosh.  Last night was so good (bar one major thing).  DJing at the Collie as part of 'resurrection', the revamped collie rock night run by the music societies.  It was like a collie thursday of old, with decent music, and dancing (and cocktails.  £4 for six shots worth of booze in a pint glass :D)  It felt good to be DJing outside the union too despite the trek across town: made me feel all professional lol.  

Howeverf, the collie management screwed us over and kicked us all out an hour earlier than agreed, which was not on since the DJs were planning a really good last hour of music, and it left 60odd people waiting for the bus outside for 45 minutes.  I caught a taxi lol, but i feel their cold wet pain. It was just out of order that the collie had such crap communication, and messed up when we,the amateurs, were being most organised.

I slept for 5 hours after getting in, and have just done a full day at work (mmmm retail).  I need sleep badly but deadlines are looming.  I might leave work til monday now, since tomorrow is the history ball and tonight my other half has offered to take me on a date.  this is practically unheard of: last time he took me out (not counting valentines day) was start of january, to celebrate signing contracts on our new house.    Hmm I wonder what to wear?

March 05, 2007


wow.  why have I never heard Calexico before?  I love that kind of weird kind of quiet music.  I cant describe the kind of thing I mean: Nick Cave, Mark Lannegan . . . .the kind of thing that would be soundtracked to a film where the main character is walking through a post-apocalyptic desert landscape.

thank you iTunes shared files :D

March 04, 2007

My first entry aww bless

This is my first blog entry on my shiny new warwick blog, created mainly out of boredom when i should have been doing my literature report (seriously, ive nearly finished and after 4 hours in the library i need a break)

I used to keep a (very teenage emo) blog when i was sixteen or so, but that got closed down as a racist site thanks to an overzealous filter on my school's computer which as slightly soured my experience of blogging generally.

Anyway, I'm Kate: second year historian, president / referee of Punksoc, occasional Union DJ, RaW presenter and fiancee to a gamer.  Hate the U1 (or U2 as it is known at the weekends.  that still makes me chortle) with a passion, hate working in retail, hate washing up.  Love Lip Service clothing, TUK shoes, Tiger Army, baking brownies, cocktails, Cats and russian literature.

Ranting posts will follow . . . . . . 

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