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May 03, 2011

RDM final touch…

After days and days of working on this, i have finally submitted my PMA.  It took so much more to click submit this time around yet most of the time it was the best moment i have been waiting for.  THe main reason behind this is because it is not about bringing things together but its about improving myself.  Everytime i read it and think about, another idea comes up.  It is like a never ending journey.  However, the sad part is this PMA only allocate 40 hours of working which is over used will result in suffering of other work and is again a decision to make!  All in all i really like this PMA and very fascinate with the new skill acquired and really hope it could bring me better decision in the future!!

May 01, 2011

Is many type of decision maker in one group bad or good???

As i am putting the final touch on RDM PMA, one thing am really doubting now is having multiple type of decision maker in a group.  At the first glance it might look as if it is really good because the group can have multiple point of view and thus bringing the best out of everoyne.  However, sometime in decision making there are no such thing as 'BEST' it really varies toward intrest thus having too many different or CONTRADICTING type of decision making will result in chaos in the group members.  In most cases like i have experience first hand, it woudl end up being democratic which is a fair yet very suboptimal solution toward the group decision.  INversely, people argue that one type of decision maker will only result in confirmaion thus creating no added value among the group ideas.

WHAT is the right mix? is there a right mix? or it just matter of luck and getting it right on the time?

April 27, 2011

continuous improvement… is there a possible ending for a scenario??

Been reviewing upon my decision and my group decision made during the RDM module, the more changes i would have made if i had a chance to go back toward the exercise.  However, one question that have been coming up to my head in the past couple days is if there is an end to an improvement in one scenario like this when the theory of continuous improvement hold.  Knowing that if i was to repeat the exercise, i will find more errors.  In this case i am wondering what will be the limit to improve it next time, it might even lead to a worst outcome... hwever robust.  How will we determine it since there are so many consecquences involve....

April 26, 2011

Teamwork.. is it always good??

RDM pma have been a very great challenge yet very great fun.  I am now going in a non stop cycle of criticizing my decision then re criticizing the criticism i made toward it over and over again.  This is again very fun and very annoying at times.  One of the main findings that i got was that teamwork isn't always the best decision and group thinking is nearly inevitable without power and authority involve.  By this, i reflect to the group in which everyone should be treated equally and that causes a lot of downside towad making the best decision happen.  Even though group members are not scared to raise opinion and make their voice heard, but sometime the system of democratic and trying to compromise have been reflected as one of the biggest mistake our group have made. 

I am not creating this blog doubting that teamwork is bad, but it really did backfire our group decision at some point.  However, the issue i just want to raise here is does individual thinking sometime create better result than team thinking? (taking in consideration individual thinking with all data given from group members.)

April 22, 2011

Self Analysis.. Critique..

As i have been working on my PMA for RDM, it have been a very new view toward working.  Most of the paper have been literature review based paper, except the leadership which was more  a case study solving issue.  RDM offer a new view of self analysis and imprvoment reflecting what you have done and hwo things could have been better.  THis was very interesting for me because it is a new skill i am adopting which is imprving myself through myself and not other guiding.  It coming to be more and more intresting for mee!!

April 16, 2011

KBAM what to decide?? share idea anyone??

After taking a week break after a long continuous week of studyin, i have finally got bak on track to `pma.. Looking to focus on one topic and start the KBAM pma, it was not as easy as i think.  Just for the first day, i ended up reading and taking notes out of all the presentation in order to prepare for the best choice that i would like to work with.  It have been a very hard decision to pick a topic of current interest? realistic and tangible to family business? lots of information? pre research since project time? these factors and more have been running through my head in which is most important in driving me to do a good PMA.  After hours and hours of discussion and analysis with myself, i did eliminate down some choice but still left with more than one... 

Anyone else willing to share their ideas on how to they decided???


April 07, 2011

What to choose?? how to choose??

As we are approaching the last day of KBAM project, we are facing the a hard decision yet again.  This was because after combining all the information, we have an excess information in which we have to decide which one will be in the best interest to focus for the CEO.  I used to think its very hard to find enough information to fill a project, inversely this project offer a different challenge of eliminating information instead!!  I personally find it much harder to eliminate information to know what other want.  The best way we came up with is putting ourselves in their shoe and try to see what will be most convincing by letting other people of that section present to the rest of the group and giving points to each other upon the convincing ratee 

Despite using multiple decision making tool, the harsh part of this is that we will never know if the decision we took came out to an optimal result or not :( 

Overall this module have open another new door to new skill that we should master

April 04, 2011

climate change!!! the inevitable trade off..

Today during class, we are suppose to act as a governor and make decision of what is the best possible action to get the best possible balance of awareness and popularity. At first, I was very lost and didn't knw how this could have relate to an organization at all... It was very fascinating when the trade off of manager and employee were given because it was the exact same. In this case, I believe the optimal balance (our team goal) was the maximize the awareness (effectiveness) by just keeping popularity (employee like level) at the minimal level of acceptance because it seem to be the best possible solution in the long run. Even though the result didn't come out as good as we expected, we got to understand the concept of both leadership and decesion u need to make which there are always consequences. Another reflective lesson is that people will act irrationale and in effectiveness with resources when not planned properly. This was a case in our group because we kept saving money waiting to spend big on something we want which at the end never came along and end up trying to use as much on whtever we can take just to use it. That was a very bad practice in which lag of planning will give us. (However planning wasn't applicable in this exercise) Overall I really like the analogy linked of this exercise because it give a much better understanding when you understand the comparison than to go straight for the obvious exercise.

April 02, 2011

Decision Decision Decision!!

As the pile of work have been stacking along with many things, GOOD decision making become a very imporatnt in determining the result that will occur.  I have now decided to look through one of the weighting tools i have studied and now used it to plan out my work schedule which have created a good balance for me in planning my work, activities, social and juts about everything.

I think most people have overlooked and think that it is complicated and not realistic, i just wanted to share that if you just start using it instead of SYSTEM 0!! it will inturn give you a result that realyl worth your time in doing it!!

March 18, 2011

Group thinking… very dangerous situation which are very hard to avoid

One of the main problem i find toward every group work am in along with every team activity i do in life, group thinking have become a very vital factor.  I used to think that discussion and group ideas were always better.  However, since the module occur, i have been spectating and have seen that the two main issue always arise which are anchoring the idea in which people just try to adjust from there, and that people are likely to be influence by group pressure or the larger party or even the one who is known to be the smartest one. 

The reason i brought this whole case up was because we were playing a video game in which require 5 people per side. Everyone have their own view of playing, but when the so called "best" plaer in the team suggested one idea, everyone tend to just agree because no one would dare disagree despite knowing the flawed of it thinking that they don't want to take the blame if it goes wrong.  The result end up in disaster.  How do we really overcome this situation?

I've tried to link his with thte last module of leadership that a safe environment will be important that no one fear to suggest idea and express, however there were not really an emerging leader but it was more of contigency personality lead thus the quiet one will also stay quiet. 

This barrier is so hard to break through in order to create a success in group work.  Can it really be done or we just have to let the quiet person realize and start acting upon their role??

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