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May 23, 2011

Finally SUBMITED!!!

This PMA have been the longest time consuming PMA i ever had throughout my time here in WMG.  It have for sure taken me over 40 hours but yet it was a great experience.. Today as i was relaxing and reading jokes after finishing the final touch on my PMA, i found one quote i would like to share which really work well for this PMA...

Conclusion is just when your too tired and cant' think anymore.

This is because this PMA have so much stuff to consider until if i tried to consider all of them, i woudl still be no where...

Hope everyone is doing wel!!!

May 22, 2011

Knowledge Management… a tool with super power.. if in the right hand..

The past two weeks for me have been literally nothing but KBAM... i have read sooo many journals and the pros and cons of it trying to fully understand the concept.  I personally came to a conclusion that knowledge management is a very powerful tool, however it is a very skill and commitment required process in which not everyone can actually make use of.  It also act as a double edged sword if you try to implement and fail because it will also waste you resource and time quite significantly.  One of the key criteria to this success for me is to fully understnad all the condition and requirement and give 100% commitment to the project or else don't attemp it because it will come back and hurt the organization for failing.

May 21, 2011

the power of ownership..

It is all about sharing culture and sharing things for the past few days for me, trying to improve everything.  It is until then that i really realize that the best power and motivation that comes out from a worker is when they feel that they are the ownership of the thing they are doing and not just an employee.  This aspect is very amazing how people treat things complete different when they own it which is clearly seen throughout daily life.  On the other hand, the most obvious yet the biggest obstacles that organization are facing is fear factor.  FEAR of this and that all around and only want to do what is best for themselves in the short is something which is known throughout but yet can't be solve.  THe only way i came up wid is trust but yet that is one of the hardest criteria to build and this is not only talking about couple people but the whole ORGANIZATION.

These puzzle have been shufflin through my mind... is there anything that can solve it except time and luck? or it is just matter or creating the best out of what we can...

May 18, 2011

Big firm versus Small firm..

As i have been trying to adjust for my PMA, one of the biggest challenge i have is to consider if the information or strategy in found in the literature and journal could be apply to waverider.  The problem is because wave rider is a relative small organization whereas most literature talks about medium to large enterprise.  I have been struggling to decide whether or not some information as transferrable or is it not going to work the same for both.  The main reason which i use as consideration is costs and how relevant/effective it is to the organization. 

May 15, 2011

Resource Utilization… best way out?

As am finding solution upon the asset management factor chosen... resrouce utilization, am very stuck upon is there a one best stop solution in a literature for the organization.  As i keep searching, more and more pros and cons on each one come up and it have been very time consuming in which i donno when to stop or is the method sufficient.  Not only that, but the more topic you want to cover, the more new area and detail will be found bringing the paper to a new dimension.  ANyone having a similar problem of a non ending research sesssion??

May 11, 2011

Hows other view can help shape us!

Usually when we work alone, we get are very limited with ideas and ways of approaching and issue.  Most of the subject here encourage group work which in turn lead to sharing ideas and broaden our thinking.  Today, while being stuck with KBAM PMA, and can't find a source of information to go upon... i decided to go through other team presentation to see how they approach the aspect i chosen.  The result was fascinating.  Not that it only offer me great insight upon other perspective i should focus on, but it also help guide me on what could be complement in what am doing.  With the website allowing us to access old information, it is as if the classroom is working as one tank pool of information to a point which is very helpful!

May 07, 2011

CONFUSE! what to follow?

After days and days of research... am still really confuse of which topic i should go strongly and focus on.  The reason behind this is because in some aspect, i tend to have more interest in, in another aspect i think in sound more realistic and reasonable (praticable), another aspect also include the amount of source of information i have access to...

Been really hard decision for me to make because there are consequences in all decision... 

As i have been working, one of the main information i found and was very amusing is that by doing small things accumulately can lead to very big things...

April 16, 2011

KBAM what to decide?? share idea anyone??

After taking a week break after a long continuous week of studyin, i have finally got bak on track to `pma.. Looking to focus on one topic and start the KBAM pma, it was not as easy as i think.  Just for the first day, i ended up reading and taking notes out of all the presentation in order to prepare for the best choice that i would like to work with.  It have been a very hard decision to pick a topic of current interest? realistic and tangible to family business? lots of information? pre research since project time? these factors and more have been running through my head in which is most important in driving me to do a good PMA.  After hours and hours of discussion and analysis with myself, i did eliminate down some choice but still left with more than one... 

Anyone else willing to share their ideas on how to they decided???


April 09, 2011

Best lessson ever!!

Reflecting upon the last day of the module, apart from a HUGE amount of knowledge we cover in a short span of two weeks, one of the most important lesson for me was how to present a huge topic in a short period of time.  It was trying to put 200hours into 20 minute speech which was one of the most information compress i have ever faced with.  This again will be the first lesson upon doing my dissertation of 900 to 15 minutes! or even if lucky enough an elevator present to a CEO!! Overall, despite very confuse and doubtful at the first day i saw the schedule of how this module will be shape because there are no lecture nor seminar or anything guidance at all except online notes, this module have again result in great learning experience.

role play created pressure…

Despite having multiple presentation this year, KBAM was very unique.  The role play and table setting have really created pressure for the presenter.  The reason is because it is something similar to a competition and that people are focus and ready to fire question at you when your done unlike most classes where listener are inactive and only the teacher are the one asking the question.  Not only that, but by dressing up have somehow created some intimidation for me when i was looking through the room.   However, i would like to thanks this module because it have shape a much more real life like situation that we would be in the near future and that these pressure are inevitable but just have to learn to manage it.  Overall, i was very happy with our team performance and that the hours spend really paid off for us.  So sad thats it the last module for MBE B together!! hope we all can still be in contact!!!

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