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April 27, 2011

continuous improvement… is there a possible ending for a scenario??

Been reviewing upon my decision and my group decision made during the RDM module, the more changes i would have made if i had a chance to go back toward the exercise.  However, one question that have been coming up to my head in the past couple days is if there is an end to an improvement in one scenario like this when the theory of continuous improvement hold.  Knowing that if i was to repeat the exercise, i will find more errors.  In this case i am wondering what will be the limit to improve it next time, it might even lead to a worst outcome... hwever robust.  How will we determine it since there are so many consecquences involve....

April 26, 2011

Teamwork.. is it always good??

RDM pma have been a very great challenge yet very great fun.  I am now going in a non stop cycle of criticizing my decision then re criticizing the criticism i made toward it over and over again.  This is again very fun and very annoying at times.  One of the main findings that i got was that teamwork isn't always the best decision and group thinking is nearly inevitable without power and authority involve.  By this, i reflect to the group in which everyone should be treated equally and that causes a lot of downside towad making the best decision happen.  Even though group members are not scared to raise opinion and make their voice heard, but sometime the system of democratic and trying to compromise have been reflected as one of the biggest mistake our group have made. 

I am not creating this blog doubting that teamwork is bad, but it really did backfire our group decision at some point.  However, the issue i just want to raise here is does individual thinking sometime create better result than team thinking? (taking in consideration individual thinking with all data given from group members.)

April 22, 2011

Self Analysis.. Critique..

As i have been working on my PMA for RDM, it have been a very new view toward working.  Most of the paper have been literature review based paper, except the leadership which was more  a case study solving issue.  RDM offer a new view of self analysis and imprvoment reflecting what you have done and hwo things could have been better.  THis was very interesting for me because it is a new skill i am adopting which is imprving myself through myself and not other guiding.  It coming to be more and more intresting for mee!!

April 16, 2011

KBAM what to decide?? share idea anyone??

After taking a week break after a long continuous week of studyin, i have finally got bak on track to `pma.. Looking to focus on one topic and start the KBAM pma, it was not as easy as i think.  Just for the first day, i ended up reading and taking notes out of all the presentation in order to prepare for the best choice that i would like to work with.  It have been a very hard decision to pick a topic of current interest? realistic and tangible to family business? lots of information? pre research since project time? these factors and more have been running through my head in which is most important in driving me to do a good PMA.  After hours and hours of discussion and analysis with myself, i did eliminate down some choice but still left with more than one... 

Anyone else willing to share their ideas on how to they decided???


April 09, 2011

Best lessson ever!!

Reflecting upon the last day of the module, apart from a HUGE amount of knowledge we cover in a short span of two weeks, one of the most important lesson for me was how to present a huge topic in a short period of time.  It was trying to put 200hours into 20 minute speech which was one of the most information compress i have ever faced with.  This again will be the first lesson upon doing my dissertation of 900 to 15 minutes! or even if lucky enough an elevator present to a CEO!! Overall, despite very confuse and doubtful at the first day i saw the schedule of how this module will be shape because there are no lecture nor seminar or anything guidance at all except online notes, this module have again result in great learning experience.

role play created pressure…

Despite having multiple presentation this year, KBAM was very unique.  The role play and table setting have really created pressure for the presenter.  The reason is because it is something similar to a competition and that people are focus and ready to fire question at you when your done unlike most classes where listener are inactive and only the teacher are the one asking the question.  Not only that, but by dressing up have somehow created some intimidation for me when i was looking through the room.   However, i would like to thanks this module because it have shape a much more real life like situation that we would be in the near future and that these pressure are inevitable but just have to learn to manage it.  Overall, i was very happy with our team performance and that the hours spend really paid off for us.  So sad thats it the last module for MBE B together!! hope we all can still be in contact!!!

April 07, 2011

Sometime the obvious thing are th hardest thing…

Finally we finished!!! After reflecting back in a very hard 2 week facing a very new type of challenge, it seem to me that sometime one of the obvious thing to do are the hardest things to do. All the small things that people look over are usually the most important factor that might determine success. the main reason I believe is because people focus and take in consideration about big task and hard things but usually overlook small things that make just as big of a different. People have to stop falling into this trap in order to succeed.

What to choose?? how to choose??

As we are approaching the last day of KBAM project, we are facing the a hard decision yet again.  This was because after combining all the information, we have an excess information in which we have to decide which one will be in the best interest to focus for the CEO.  I used to think its very hard to find enough information to fill a project, inversely this project offer a different challenge of eliminating information instead!!  I personally find it much harder to eliminate information to know what other want.  The best way we came up with is putting ourselves in their shoe and try to see what will be most convincing by letting other people of that section present to the rest of the group and giving points to each other upon the convincing ratee 

Despite using multiple decision making tool, the harsh part of this is that we will never know if the decision we took came out to an optimal result or not :( 

Overall this module have open another new door to new skill that we should master

April 06, 2011

Finally Shaping up!!!

despite having group meeting daily, most of them tend to be discussion about what information we have, what problem we are trying to tackle to convince the CEO, what information we need to acquired, and just learning the topic as a whole.  However, most of the research were still individual sections distributed which kept me quite confuse of how everything was going to match up together as one presentation as i was doubting the strategy in the first day of complete separation in parts of the work. 

I have just left today meeting and i finally things are fallen together when i started to find out that despite separating topics to cover, most of them are at the end interrelated in some way which make it much more clear once we start piecing the jigsaw together.  This have now made me realize how to system in the real world is actually is and that in a team activity, team leadership theory is also very important because it make you share the burden and trust your teammate in order to produce the quality level of work we expect. 

Overall from really confuse and doubtful, am really loving the module of making me realize how to combine my knowledge and link what i have learn togehter!!!  It would be even bettter once i get to see how other groups is approaching the problem helping me learn that much more.

Consultant… how to win CEO heart!!

Have been discussing about how to approach the problem, one of the main focus we struggle to agree upon in the group was what does the CEO want?  The first approach we use started off by trying to look at all the field and try to suggest all sort of improvement.  We then came to think about it and think its too broad and it doesn't sound realistic to the CEO despite it might be possible.  We then started moving our approach to finding a problem in the organization to tackle so that the CEO will see concrete result that they can expect thus feeling more safe and convince in hiring.  More argument have continue if we should make it a look good despite maybe not the whole truth to make it as real life and win the contract in anyways.

Throughout this subject while trying to combine all knwledge including EFQM (CBE), leadership skill (LE), decision making (RDM), DFSS (PIUSS) and Finance point of view (FACS) and just about evreything we have acquired this year.  It have been a very interesting project and hope we can win the CEO heart at the end!! 

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