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March 30, 2011

Leadership respect is very importatn

As i am approaching the last parst of mY PMA, i am struggling to select whihc theory i believe fit best because there are pros and cons toward all of them.  however, the main question i have to answered is whihc one SUIT best.  reading through other people blogs, it seem liek everyone have a different idea which is very interesting and made it very fascinating how many different view people have toward the same thing.

from working on the PMA, what i believe is msot improatnt chracteristic for a leadership is for people to respect the leader by volunteer is one of the major criteria to success in the long run.  because to me other alternative are usually short run solution and will not create logn run results.

KBAM! something veRY bigggg

these past couple days i have been researching about the topic we allocated during the first meeting, it is very fascinating how all of the information we studied together collide and come together as one main project and how it will happen in the real world.  With only the small part am allocated out of the five, it is yet still very big and that i am finding new things the whole way.  It make me realize how important it is and that everything in our daily life is just about knwoledge and that everything grow from it.

March 28, 2011

Leadership in action in new team!

today was the first day of our new module, it was a very interesting day despite a very short lecture.  The main reason was because the upcoming project that was giving allowed us to use multiple skills we have learned throughout the course.  It was really good to know that instead of doing small mini projects, we are now freely to make more decision upon things.  However, it was very interesting to see that we will now have an OFFICIAL leaders in each group instead of a normal group this time around.  This have made it a very different type of situation because now everyone have a common knowledge of who is the leader and make the process much more systematic (example was clear of meeting time and problem when someone is not free since the first day).  This have really benefit and minimize the time that is lost due to no emerging leader.

Really exciting the to work with new groupmate i have not work with and hope that i will get to apply a GOOD team members skills i obtain from leadership module.

March 23, 2011

Leadership cultural barrier!!

As i am working on my dissertation which involve leadership style, one of the main issue that came through was cultural barrier in which foreign leader come and fail in expansionary countries despite succeeding in the domestic level.  One of the main problem is because of cultural change in wokring style with new mentality employees.  This goes from everything including motivation and system of working.  Not only that, but the style of communication tend to be a very big issue because some country might use direct and straight forward, however some country might like to just make it mannered.  All in all as i research i believe there is so much requirement to be a good leader!!!

to me FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY is the new important thing!

March 18, 2011

Personality shape decision much more than any theory in the world!!

Today after class have finish, we decided to play around with some decision making ideas and the fascinating thing that came out to me was that personality was much more imporatnt than theory.  One very clear example is seeing if the personality of the person is risk averse or risk lover. We were making a bet of -50 to 75 on a coin flip.. despite being very clear without using much tool that the gamble have a positive expected in which reasoning state that we should always attempted, yet many of the people back off and think it wasn't good.  ANother example can be a coin flip of 0 and 100 pounds or a guaruntee figure of as little as 20 or 30.  Many people woudl take the sure money.

What am trying to say is that people commend to wht they believe and their value in tools are only use to help formed their style of personality.

Assumption Assumption Assumption!!

Looking back at  the different results in the class, one of the main issue that came to mind in which create this different is because of different assumptions in each group.  However, in our group point of view, we tried to base as much information on the data given as much as possible, avoiding to create assumption because it is one of the easiest way to create biased into decision.  Amazingly, after i have heard seven other presentations, people have made multiple assumption or some even to the level of extreme in my poitn of view which was creative, but yet unrealistic to me.  The reason was becasue i believe assumption create uncertainty, and at the end uncertainty is one of the casue for non robust decision. 

However, don't get me wrong because am not claiming either way is better because sometime creating assumption can lead to creativity and even higher optimal point than whihc could be created without.  However, it come with more risks.  ALl in all i believe that there are never a wrong decision in the world but it all solely depend on the personality and goal trying to be achieve by the team or person dealing with the issue.

What is the best tool?

Argument was going on toward the end of class between who made the best decision... along with which tool was the best tool in creating these results.  Many people claim that some tools are better than other, some even argue that decision making tree does not hold any bias!! which to me is completely untrue in all of the statement above.  From personal experience in working with the tool, i believe that there are two main criteria in which determine what is the best tool.  The two main criteria are the scenario or problem were facing, along with the expertise and the style of the team or person who is approaching this problem.  SOme may be better with quantitative, some maybe better in qualitative... these things very much varies.

Overall, i believe that there are definitely not one best tool, or else there is no point creating other tools but just follow the best one all the TIME!!!

Group thinking… very dangerous situation which are very hard to avoid

One of the main problem i find toward every group work am in along with every team activity i do in life, group thinking have become a very vital factor.  I used to think that discussion and group ideas were always better.  However, since the module occur, i have been spectating and have seen that the two main issue always arise which are anchoring the idea in which people just try to adjust from there, and that people are likely to be influence by group pressure or the larger party or even the one who is known to be the smartest one. 

The reason i brought this whole case up was because we were playing a video game in which require 5 people per side. Everyone have their own view of playing, but when the so called "best" plaer in the team suggested one idea, everyone tend to just agree because no one would dare disagree despite knowing the flawed of it thinking that they don't want to take the blame if it goes wrong.  The result end up in disaster.  How do we really overcome this situation?

I've tried to link his with thte last module of leadership that a safe environment will be important that no one fear to suggest idea and express, however there were not really an emerging leader but it was more of contigency personality lead thus the quiet one will also stay quiet. 

This barrier is so hard to break through in order to create a success in group work.  Can it really be done or we just have to let the quiet person realize and start acting upon their role??

March 17, 2011

Qualitative vs Quantitative.. wht shoudl we trust???

One of the main issue we faced in our group meeting was the reliability of qualitative and quantitative.  In most situation, most people would believe quantitative because it is much more reliable and tangible.  However, most qualitative are just judgemental and it is very different among many people. 

Was it really justifyable between which one is better or what we shoudl believe more even in any cases? or we shoudl also take in consideration both of them equally?

Personally, i believe that we shoudl take in consideration both but at the end, i think qualitative will be the cutting edge between different organization because quantitative is a data that can be found from anyone.

March 14, 2011

RDM technique… is it always the more the better?

As our group are currently approaching the recommendation part of the project, it is the still a discussion if we should use more technique.  The main question now is the more the better? or its just time consuming for confirmation? or is it trying to fit something to our decision made to make ourself feel good.  Multiple point of view and arguement are said that and the one question that keep me wonder is "IF time is not a factor, would more technique use be better off everytime because we have more resources and data??"

It sounded right to me the first time, but i believe sometime having technique which are not appropriate to try and get result might create argument result which at the end become a negative more than a positive.

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