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February 28, 2011

Leading by action.. louder than words??

Past weekend while i was out playing football in a public park, there was one thing i spotted which was very interesting.  As the game goes on for an hour, competition rate was increasing and each team were quite exhausted approaching the last half hour.  Each team had a so called "designated leader" which wasn' anything official other than that they were the person who come most often and know the most people around.  It was clearly that one of the captain was frequently motivating his players by praising when they do something well along with cheering them up when they made a mistake.  However, the other leader was more of a quite type leader but just work extra hard trying to cover for the mistake of his teammate.  The result came out to be that the player in the quite leader team were trying much harder which reflect to me that leading by action might work better than leader by words...  It was a very interesting situation because i really though that people might not even notice what the quite leader was doing and that the talkative leader should be more effective.

Overall am not to claim that it is just from one random very uncontrol situation, but just though it was quite interestin and wanted to share :D

February 24, 2011

Leaking window… construction leadership…

The past 4 days, there have been construction coming in to my apartment everyday to deal with the leaking water in my window.  The team was consist of 4 main guy which one of them was the person contacting, another one is the working leader and the other two are the helper.  The reason i brought this up is because the main leader which just do the contacting just came to negotiate how many days and hours each day it will take to complete the task.  The instruction was then sent to the working leader who didn't look too happy with the time table.  This burden was then also passed on to the helper because they believe that the task wasn't reasonable with the amount of time.  This have really created a significant management by objective situation for the helper, thus when i was spectating the work done, it was jush a completion more than quality of the work done (i knew this because of the conversation they were saying while they were working upon it).  Furthermore, the boss just come up the end of everyday just to make sure things are done according to plan ignoring the quality of work because he does not know what is good until the final progress is done.  This is a clear example in which leader doesn't communicate well with the worker and just want to please the customer by accepting any offer given.  This type of leadership is just an example in which i want to share that small things like this do really happen in the real world.

February 21, 2011

CSR?? value led or marketing??

It was have an arguement i have not yet been over despite the module have been over.  I tried walking into many shop taking in consideration if the organization taking csr as a criteria.  I can't but end up thinking that CSR for most organization are just another method they use money as a tool for marketing. 

I would just like to ask other if there is really anyone who buy product because of organization CSR? or ignore product for similar reason?? 

To me, it is just another layer of mask that organization use which i dont' know the real intention.

February 20, 2011

Inner me…

After finishing the leadership module, there were many different view of things i found out about myself! One of the main thing was a reflection of diffrent in culture of leadership style.  Back when i was studying high school and undergraduate in Thailand, i was very assertive in comparison to people in my class and surrounding.  Inversely, when i was studying the leadership module, i was way less assertive and decisive in comparison to the average of the people in the class. 

This have been a very important finding of myself because i will now have to start learning more about my leadership style from other observation in order to find the most effective leadership in the group of team members i face with.

Furthermore, i have always think that self assessment is not productive because you know what you are already.  Amazingly, once the criteria face me along with the debrief other give me, i have a very changed point of view among myself which was both interesting and useful.  This have allow me to further my strength and hopefully improve my area of improvement in the future!!

February 18, 2011

Courage… the key to success…

Today in our final solution of Leadership and Excellence module, we were faced with one of the most difficult challenge whihc only of member of the team knows the instruction and have to transfer his/her knowledge and leading them in completing the mission.  The mission started after a 20 minute read of all leaders and then transfering the nknowledge to all team members.  The problem occur in which the role which was obvious to the team members were only 1-2 person on the map and 1 person on the computer.  However, there are a couple more member in the team.  This have left many members in curiousity of what they should do.  It end up that those member became unproductive despite wanting to contribute and only were to help toward the end when more role was further assign.  Many might have blame this situation to the leader, but after a de-brief in our group discussion, it was a mistake from both party.  Sometime its hard for the leader to deligate everything while trying to multi tasks many issue in a short period of time.  The issue will become for the team member to go up to the leader and ask what they could do or what area they might be able to facilitate or helped out to maximize the team efficiency.  However, the main barrier is courage because team member doesn't want to offend the leader despite in the leader point of view, they really want the team member to come out to them.  This and many other issues can be resolve if only the team member have good relationship with the leader or have the courage to talk the issue out with them.  This have been a great learning lesson for me in which to overcome my fear and do what right because it will always result in the best possible solution!!

February 17, 2011

Passive is always an alternative

The past two days in leadership module have gave me a very new look of how a leader could be.  The images of leadership have always been taking control, aggresion, and telling other people what should be done.  However, in after doing a coaching along with the black swan exercise, i have seen a different view which passive work well nin many situation.  In the coaching exercise, i used to think that coach should be da one talking and telling solution helping them out.  Inversely, the exercise have taught me to help out by listening to them and make them create option whihc is best suit themself.  FUrthermore, Chi-weh have shown that a leader can also step back when the situation is not best suited for them and allow team member who might be more effective take control.  THis was a very courage thing in my opinion because a leader usually have to take charge and facilitate all decision. 

February 16, 2011

Observing and Working is completely different!!!

Today during the leadership hotel exercise, there was a very mixed feeling in two completely opposite role i was involve in today.  I started out being a deputy leader for the team and was able to spot many strengths along with improvement gap that was possible for the current leader.  However, the story changed completely when i was transfer to another group which was actively and running which made it quite difficult for me at first.  One of the biggest barrier that i've face during this investigation was that the first quarter i manage, the hotel profit have increase significantly whihc was a sign of hope along with setting standard for everyone team members.  However, the second quarter wasn't as beautiful when the result was dissapointing.  AT this point, people have their own view of how it went wrong and was not as motivated in comparison to last quarter.  This situation have create huge amount of pressure for myself.  Despite knowing what i think should be done when i was observing, when i got to the situation myself, i was indecisive and didn't controll situation like i hope i could especially when things was goin wrong.

This have been a great learning experience from me.  FUrthermore, feedback from observer have really enlight me on the mistake that i was making when i never notice it before.  I was trying too hard to satisfy everyone and sometime biased toward people who follow my idea without knowing.  THis can be very costly in the real world situation and further pratice will need to help me lead with the right attitude and mindset.

Overall i was really glad i raised my hand for this experienced and really look forward to work with more new members to keep improving!!

February 14, 2011

Seminar 2: How to motivate people

I think motivating and influencing people is one of the most important aspect in gaining success from a team or organization.  The key aspect in being successful in influencing and motivating is to make sure that your employees have a contribution to both the team process and the team result.  By allowing them to contribute in te team process and have responsibility will usually encourage people and know that they are a part of the team.  MOreover, this should tag along by good communication along with genuine interst in his/her thinking.  Secondly, allowing them to contribute in the team result including opportunities for self fulfilment and personal development would highly motivate employees.  The last and most imporatnt factor in motivation is trust.  WIthout trust, the person you motivate will think you are manipulating which might end up demotivating them.

How can we change the mindset of leaders in an organization?

Changing mindset of leaders are one of the biggest problem that many organization face today.  The main reason is because they are the one who dictate and have their own view among situation.  A process of changing the mindset of leader usually occur overtime in which usually come by realizing the mistake of themselves.  However, the best way i believe is by gradually trying to communicate and discuss changes along with showing in action how it could be done.  Despite not being a very effective method, it will be a realizing factor for the leader in whihc might trigger him/her to change the mindset to a better way.

February 11, 2011

Leadership alone is not sufficient

During the past week, we have had many group interaction which we were fortunate to swap roles as leaders and followers in order to understan all aspects modules.  Many teaching and theory usually emphasize upon the how to be an effective leader and what are the criteria requied.  I think leadership alone is a very critical aspect but yet it is not sufficient.  I strongly believe that a leader alone can never progress withouth a good team members/followers.  I think team members contribution rate have usually been overlooked by many people in which they believe that only the leader determine everything.

To me, i believe that an effective leader is the person who can bring out the best out of their employees.

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