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January 09, 2011

Cultural Issue is a very big thing…

STudying in the UK have given me a lot of view toward other culture.  Yesterday, we had a meeting with a friend of mind in fr a kitchen dinner.  We were there exactly at 6pm because that was the meeting time... yet is took an extra one hour for the friend of mind to show...  We then didn't look to happy and he end up explaining his cultural issue that late is something very normal in which is clear knowledge for everyone in his country.  I then start realizing that even small issue like this can create a different in cultural, and realize how many different there would be for a work place.  Realizing this, i think organization shoudl take a lot of studies if they are planning to adopt any strategies or partnership to see if everything is compatible and not be late to realize.

January 06, 2011

Six Sigma For FOOOOOOOOOD!!!

As we all know that the concept of Six Sigma is focus mainly on the reduction of variation.  Today i had a chance to go to my favorite restaurant in Leamington Spa and order my favorite dish as usual.  This is the third time i've ate at this restaurant this week and the taste was so different!!! the first 2 time i though it was maybe just me expecting too much from 1 --> 2.  However, the taste of my 3rd time was different from both 1 and 2.  The chef just random mixing the stuff according to his feeeling!!! THis make me very unhappy because customer go back to restaurant because they are satisfy with the food they had last time.  THis show no reliability at all, creating fear for the customer to gamble if today will be a good mood chef.

I really think that these are really little things that can make large different especially through word of mouth.  Restaurant should take care of this!!!

January 05, 2011

Theoretical vs Pratical!

After working on my PMA... i have been realizing that its not the theory that doesn't work, and not the practical that is mistaken.  It is juts a barrier that theoretical required so much whihc is not possible for practical state to follow.  THis concept have been very new to me because i usually think their is one to blame for insufficient solution. 

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