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March 11, 2011

Biased.. a barrier we can't overcome

Biased is one of the issue i can never seem to overcome.  The example was raise since the exercise of the table in class when it was the same size and yet after knowing the result i still can't really view it as the same size.  This situation have been reoccuring multiple time to me a small example is like seeing things i am CERTAIN i see but yet i didn't and i create a decision accordingly... moreover, these biased are blocking us from making the right decision and despite knwoing we still can't get over it :(.  Can human b able to achieve this function of robot in decision making? Is it any good to achieve it or we should still use feeling for decision mkaing in multiple things.

Leadership robust or gut feelin!

As we are studying the RDM module, i have some doubt when a leader make decision making.  The module teaches us to make all decision according to logic explaination and prcess making to avoid being biased.  However, i think in order to lead people, we need to go outside the line to adjust things according to situation and not only follow the system.  In this i mean making decision according to some other intangible factors which can't be calculate using the process as feeling or relationship etc...

Differences in the word of good??

After more and more days in discussing about the process and projects, more and more interesting this module get.  The reason is because i use to have the image of a "GOOD" decision.  However, the word good different between many people and that each technique are believe better depending on the belive of each person.  This take into consideration the risk averse/risk lover factors along with many 'system 1' judgement we all still have despite trying to avoid.  Moreover, another interseting is that a good decision will not always lead to good as told in the class it will lead to optimal.

THis module have been very interesting becvause i am finding new knowedge by disucssing which is really fun!

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