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April 02, 2011

Decision Decision Decision!!

As the pile of work have been stacking along with many things, GOOD decision making become a very imporatnt in determining the result that will occur.  I have now decided to look through one of the weighting tools i have studied and now used it to plan out my work schedule which have created a good balance for me in planning my work, activities, social and juts about everything.

I think most people have overlooked and think that it is complicated and not realistic, i just wanted to share that if you just start using it instead of SYSTEM 0!! it will inturn give you a result that realyl worth your time in doing it!!

Leadership… actually about changing urself.. not changing other…

As i have re read my PMA looking through to see how i actually did helped out the CEO and directors with the theory chosen, i have end up reflecting that one of the best solution to be a leader is making a good role model and trying to teach yourself to be a better person and thus it will be reflected to all your followers and in turn helped them become a better team. 

I think ultimately leadership is someone is just someone who can fidn the solution for other when they are fconfuse in order to get the potential out of themselves.  However it can't be done if the leader have not yet found the solution for themselves.

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