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April 01, 2011

Different type of group strategies…

As we are reaching the period of more worked accumulating between dissertations, old PMA, and current projects, time management have again become very vital.  Each members of the gruop tend to focus differently among what they should spend their time to.  This have resulted in a very different style of working in our group for KBAM, in a way much more realistic.  The reason is because most of the time group work are done together in meeting and the decision are make together.  This time, due to many project along with large pool of information to cover, the each person are assign each part of the work individually thus having to trust other teammate to produce the same quality work for the team in order to create an optimal result. 

I can't wait till next week to get over with LE and combining our group work to see how this different type of working which is more realistic will bring us to.  New module always come with new experiences, really enjoying it and hope other is too!!

A good leader in action yet again!

Couple days ago, i was out playing soccer with my friend with the post graduate group.  Am not one of the active member among this club but guess it was about time to exercise.  While they were picking team, it was mostly friend based more than skill and that unfamiliar faces are usually last pick.  As the game progress, my friend and i didn't earn much trust from most of the teammate and it was more like an ingroup and outsider inside one team whihc only passes the ball to each other.  Not until half time when we were having a water break and the team leader came to try and start the conversation which create some sense of humor and bond the team together much more.  Despite ending up losing, the game was much more of a one team game isntead of two team inside one which was easily done by just a short conversation linking everything.

It is another exampel i face that a good leader is always a strong contribution to every thing in a team activity.

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