April 05, 2011

Situation Awareness…

Situation Awareness... as we were looking through to the video today, my first impression was no different to the topic raised today... HOW DID IT HAPPEN TO PEOPLE ARE PROFESSIONAL??? after thiking bak about it thou... i think the main reason in which it happen because people are careless and trying to take the easy way out in example of the tape because they are expert who work around that the whole time whihc causes them to forget how dangerous it is...   As told in the statistic that gathering information can probably reduce the chance by 75%... however i believe that there are external factor like carelessness which resulted in those action more than the inavailability of the information and etc...

After watching the video, it reflected to me that despite being any good in any field, a blink of bad moment can just cause destruction in about any level...

April 04, 2011

minority is not always the bad choice

Many teams and groups fallen into a democratic trap in which the majority of the vote will win despite. This was one of the case we found to be very interesting. The reason was because sometime the different for ones for choice a and b is so minimal and that three vote of that might not even be worth as much as one person with a strong viewpoints. The weighting system sometime give us a completely different perspective. Moreover, most people also disregard off the wall plan which could have high risk but sometime come with a better return because it is something not the typical. What am trying to get across is that sometime minimal sound might have the most effective which is why not evryone figure it out and should have more attention than what the majority usually disregard as not useful at all.

climate change!!! the inevitable trade off..

Today during class, we are suppose to act as a governor and make decision of what is the best possible action to get the best possible balance of awareness and popularity. At first, I was very lost and didn't knw how this could have relate to an organization at all... It was very fascinating when the trade off of manager and employee were given because it was the exact same. In this case, I believe the optimal balance (our team goal) was the maximize the awareness (effectiveness) by just keeping popularity (employee like level) at the minimal level of acceptance because it seem to be the best possible solution in the long run. Even though the result didn't come out as good as we expected, we got to understand the concept of both leadership and decesion u need to make which there are always consequences. Another reflective lesson is that people will act irrationale and in effectiveness with resources when not planned properly. This was a case in our group because we kept saving money waiting to spend big on something we want which at the end never came along and end up trying to use as much on whtever we can take just to use it. That was a very bad practice in which lag of planning will give us. (However planning wasn't applicable in this exercise) Overall I really like the analogy linked of this exercise because it give a much better understanding when you understand the comparison than to go straight for the obvious exercise.

April 02, 2011

Decision Decision Decision!!

As the pile of work have been stacking along with many things, GOOD decision making become a very imporatnt in determining the result that will occur.  I have now decided to look through one of the weighting tools i have studied and now used it to plan out my work schedule which have created a good balance for me in planning my work, activities, social and juts about everything.

I think most people have overlooked and think that it is complicated and not realistic, i just wanted to share that if you just start using it instead of SYSTEM 0!! it will inturn give you a result that realyl worth your time in doing it!!

Leadership… actually about changing urself.. not changing other…

As i have re read my PMA looking through to see how i actually did helped out the CEO and directors with the theory chosen, i have end up reflecting that one of the best solution to be a leader is making a good role model and trying to teach yourself to be a better person and thus it will be reflected to all your followers and in turn helped them become a better team. 

I think ultimately leadership is someone is just someone who can fidn the solution for other when they are fconfuse in order to get the potential out of themselves.  However it can't be done if the leader have not yet found the solution for themselves.

April 01, 2011

Different type of group strategies…

As we are reaching the period of more worked accumulating between dissertations, old PMA, and current projects, time management have again become very vital.  Each members of the gruop tend to focus differently among what they should spend their time to.  This have resulted in a very different style of working in our group for KBAM, in a way much more realistic.  The reason is because most of the time group work are done together in meeting and the decision are make together.  This time, due to many project along with large pool of information to cover, the each person are assign each part of the work individually thus having to trust other teammate to produce the same quality work for the team in order to create an optimal result. 

I can't wait till next week to get over with LE and combining our group work to see how this different type of working which is more realistic will bring us to.  New module always come with new experiences, really enjoying it and hope other is too!!

A good leader in action yet again!

Couple days ago, i was out playing soccer with my friend with the post graduate group.  Am not one of the active member among this club but guess it was about time to exercise.  While they were picking team, it was mostly friend based more than skill and that unfamiliar faces are usually last pick.  As the game progress, my friend and i didn't earn much trust from most of the teammate and it was more like an ingroup and outsider inside one team whihc only passes the ball to each other.  Not until half time when we were having a water break and the team leader came to try and start the conversation which create some sense of humor and bond the team together much more.  Despite ending up losing, the game was much more of a one team game isntead of two team inside one which was easily done by just a short conversation linking everything.

It is another exampel i face that a good leader is always a strong contribution to every thing in a team activity.

March 30, 2011

Leadership respect is very importatn

As i am approaching the last parst of mY PMA, i am struggling to select whihc theory i believe fit best because there are pros and cons toward all of them.  however, the main question i have to answered is whihc one SUIT best.  reading through other people blogs, it seem liek everyone have a different idea which is very interesting and made it very fascinating how many different view people have toward the same thing.

from working on the PMA, what i believe is msot improatnt chracteristic for a leadership is for people to respect the leader by volunteer is one of the major criteria to success in the long run.  because to me other alternative are usually short run solution and will not create logn run results.

KBAM! something veRY bigggg

these past couple days i have been researching about the topic we allocated during the first meeting, it is very fascinating how all of the information we studied together collide and come together as one main project and how it will happen in the real world.  With only the small part am allocated out of the five, it is yet still very big and that i am finding new things the whole way.  It make me realize how important it is and that everything in our daily life is just about knwoledge and that everything grow from it.

March 28, 2011

Leadership in action in new team!

today was the first day of our new module, it was a very interesting day despite a very short lecture.  The main reason was because the upcoming project that was giving allowed us to use multiple skills we have learned throughout the course.  It was really good to know that instead of doing small mini projects, we are now freely to make more decision upon things.  However, it was very interesting to see that we will now have an OFFICIAL leaders in each group instead of a normal group this time around.  This have made it a very different type of situation because now everyone have a common knowledge of who is the leader and make the process much more systematic (example was clear of meeting time and problem when someone is not free since the first day).  This have really benefit and minimize the time that is lost due to no emerging leader.

Really exciting the to work with new groupmate i have not work with and hope that i will get to apply a GOOD team members skills i obtain from leadership module.

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