October 04, 2007

my first impressions of Britain

  I have been arrived at university of WarWick about 7 weeks. It was the sunday night on 9th August.
The first impression of Britain is summer in UK is so cold which is compared with China.At that time the temperature in china at least was 35`C . So you can imagine when i went out of the airport,how cold the wind was!!
Another thing which shocked me is the great environment. Everthing here is clean and so quiet.You can find many animals like rabbit ,squirrel and cat appeared at many places in main campus.In UK is so silent outside ,which do not have much noise because of population in UK is not so many as it in China in my opinion.
People in UK are so polite that make me so surprised,they also say "thank you" you can find everywhere and everytime. For example, A mother is doing some cooking, she need some salt and she ask her son to pass some to her, her son did it as her mother said, then in Uk mother should say "thank you" to her son, but in China mother need not to say like that,Just to do these things as a son should do.
One more thing I want to say is that the shops closing on Sunday! Even on working days the shop will be colsed at 6pm. People used to be relaxed on Sunday. This is the custom here. The British value their free time very much, more than making money.And the rhythm which people lived here is very slow that I could got my parcel enen when I bought this item on ebay 4 weeks ago!!!
In a word I like studying and living in UK. I like this country!!

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  1. pretty good

    04 Oct 2007, 22:08

  2. oh… the damn parcel

    05 Oct 2007, 12:34

  3. Tilly Harrison

    I’m glad you like England despite the cold weather! In fact this was one of the wettest and coldest summers we have had for along time. Yes, it’s true that many shops close early but the situation is better than it used to be – you can now find shops in city centres that are open on Sunday and some supermarkets are open 24 hours. Four weeks is a long time to wait for an eBay delivery – it doesn’t normally take that long!

    08 Oct 2007, 11:46

  4. thx

    08 Oct 2007, 12:36

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